Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where's My Hole?

I try to be positive… really… and most all days I feel that I do a pretty good job staying positive. Some days being around or exposed to negative things/people just drains me. This happened yesterday and as a results I felt like all of my good energy was sucked out of me! After a good night’s sleep I woke up to being in just a rotten mode. Now I feel like one of those people….eaten up with a bad attitude/mode. Trying really hard to get past it. Things that are not helping today:

1. Cat throw up at the top of the stairs this morning made me wish I had no pets at all.

2. Dirty dishes from last night’s dinner stacked tall in the sink make me crazy.

3. Super irritated about the 80% chance of rain on Saturday. Holy mother – this will be my longest to date on the trainer. With rain on Sunday as well I will have to decide on getting wet for 10 miles or doing the dreadmill.

4. Medical bills. Let’s just say that even with the monthly payments we are still looking at over $6000. Need I say more? Some days it just gets to me. :(

I do realize in all of this whining and complaining none of this is doing me any good. Some days I feel that maybe drinking a whole bottle of wine would help….. we all know that would be a stupid idea. maybe hiding in a hole today would be

One very notable, beautiful thing ….. SPRING IS COMING!!!

On a lighter POSITIVE training note:

My track session this week was taking to the streets. Scott and I started on the middle school track but that quickly was over taken by the high school track team. Only choice was to take it to the roads. Since the track is about the only truly flat area to run I knew this hilly session of 1600's, 800’s, and 400’s were going to bring new meaning to HURT. I gave everything and was thrilled when the workout was complete. Strong, solid effort!!



Wes said...

I dunno, chica... sometimes a drinky or two is just what one needs to let the worries of the world slip away. Not that I would know anything about that. AND I never use that as an excuse not to train. Training with a hang over I mastered in my younger days in the Army :-)

We shall endure.

Stephanie said...

You are totally speaking my mind today! And we'll forgive you for raving! You are rarely negative and if all you are a role model for a great, positive, energetic attitude towards life. Bad moods just happen and letting it out can help!

Marlene said...

It can be HARD to maintain that positive attitude all the time, but you do a good job of it! I think a glass if vino might help.. just sayin!

teacherwoman said...

Really? Spring is coming? are you for real? We have no sign of it here... besides the fact that people are getting ready for the possible flood and sandbagging already!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

We all have days like that, I had a month like that, I cant wait for spring, please warm weather come visit me

Colleen said...

No matter how hard we try, some days are just shitty! It's okay - you are allowed to have those days and tell us though! :)