Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Double the FUN

I love my training plan! 17 weeks completed and it just seems to be flying by. Each week’s prescribed sessions have varied just enough that I have yet to get bored.

Notable Session of the Week:


Bike – 1hr20min (to include 10 min gearing mixes and 4x10 min steady state at 80-90rpm)

Run – 30 min (relaxed pace (8:41 avg, 3.45miles)

Bike – 1hr 22 min (to include 10 min gearing mixes and 4x10 min steady state at 80-90rpm)

Run – 34 min (relaxed pace (8.35 avg, 3.96miles)

I admit I was excited going into this workout. Having never did a double brick session before I had guessed that the second round of bike/run would be a bit harder (mentally). Strangely it was not. The key, FOR ME, is getting into my own head early. What I mean is that once you let your mind go to a bad place your body will easily follow. You can count on it.

What did surprise me is that my “relaxed” running pace was a good bit faster than I originally thought it would be. SWEET! The only “fail” for the day was not having the stacked up calories I know I should have consumed. Never felt close to bonking but I know I fell short of what I needed.

So this brings me into a RECOVERY WEEK!!!! Less training hours, less intensity, and just a mental break from the avg. 12 hours of training each week.




Marlene said...

Killer workout!!! Enjoy the recovery week - you earned a bit of a break!

Matty O said...

I am sorry, that still baffles me.

GREAT job ! Never done one of those before and totally want to just to say I did a double brick ;)

I find running off the bike is much faster than my typical "comfortable" pace. I get in trouble that way, first mile split always sub 7min.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice week!!!

I want to tell you, I did one of those, what did you call it, umm, oh yeah, "13.1 mile training runs" and FREAKING LOVED IT!!!

Karen said...

NICE JOB! I had never even considered doing a double brick workout. I might have to try it out when I am feeling particularly bad A. YOU are AWESOME :)

Matthew Smith said...

That double brick sounds awesome! I've got to do those in my training for my 70.3. Way to go on 17 weeks of solid training. Those runs after the bike looked pretty stinkin' fast to me. You must be a speed demon if that is your relaxed pace... Keep up the good work!

Colleen said...

WOO HOO! You did it! Awesome!

Now enjoy that recovery week and get that body rested up!!!