Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sucks Less with People

I am absolutely a social person. I do not find it difficult to jump in with a crowd of complete strangers for most things. So when I arrived to join our local Track Club’s weekly Speed Work session I was very excited.

Here is how it went down –

1600 warm up (social chatting)

400 – 1:41 (alright legs, get with the program)

400 – recovery

800 – 3:38 (hmmm, come on legs)

400 - recovery

800 – 3:45 (this is not as much fun as I had hoped for)

400 – recovery

1200 – 5:47 (holy cow, I have some heavy legs)

400 – recovery

400 – 1:52 (would have bailed at this point but there were too many

400 - recovery

400 – 1:44 (last one….push..push..PUSH)

1600 – cool down (social chatting)

After some stretching and more chatting I will say that this is a fantastic group of runners at several pace levels. Speed Work still sucks but made easier when you are in the company of others. I also discovered that they do a Monday Tempo run every week as well. Both will be added as they fit into my current training program. Hoping to at least join them twice a month.

Remaining this week –

Thursday – bike/strength and core

Friday – long swim

Saturday – run

Sunday – DOUBLE Brick (1hr15 min ride followed by 30 min run repeated TWICE)

Cheers to another awesome week everyone!! Recovery week for me next week :)



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Training with people is a blast, makes the time go by much faster

Marlene said...

Sounds like it was a GREAT workout even if you legas didn't seem to want to fully cooperate. Way to push it! And I agree, sucks less with people. :) Plus, it's not like you can quit half way through a repeat... PEOLPE ARE WATCHING!

Matty O said...

Agree with the people aspect. Only... when I cuss at myself and yell at myself during my hard tempos or speed work... I enjoy not having people around to give me weird looks and funny faces!!!

I hate the track with or without people!

Nice job! I love trashing my legs. Unfortunately I only had 1 workout this year where I feel I actually worked my legs hard... I have had too many injuries to push the pace and speed work always injures me :(

Did I read a "double brick"? Are you flipping serious? You must be a masochist or something ;)

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Matthew Smith said...

Nice workout on the track! I haven't really done a track workout with anyone other than the wife. Maybe I should try it sometime to push me a bit.

That Double Brick sounds pretty intense. Way to go!

Grey Beard said...

I didn't think those legs had ANY limits, but very cool that you have some quality witnesses to help you suffer. I too have noticed that long, hard rides just seem to flow by so much easier in good company.

Dave said...

I love climbing the ladder...only not in front of people....

Colleen said...

You are so right... it's like misery loves company! :)

That Sunday workout makes you a badass! :)