Monday, April 25, 2011

Where are You Headed?

Recovery Weeks MAKE ME CRAZY!

I made it through last week but it was not easy. I am pretty sure that Scott is very thankful that I will be training again for hours on end during the weekend so that I am far too tired to tackle the chores that we both did on Saturday. Always amazes me how surprised he seems when I mention cleaning. One would think I was talking a foreign language.

Anyway, back to training. YES! This has become the one predictable thing in my life lately and I love the escape I get while training.

One of the things I often think about while “getting in my own head” is how some have not come to realize how absolutely amazing it is to set a goal (of any level), train, and love the journey (both good and bad). More than two years ago, when I thought I would finally be able to sign up for an Ironman, my husband lost his job. Our world changed and our entire direction of focus had to change. We turned down a new path and eventually that road lead back to where I could once again chase my dream of Iron. That is why this entire journey is so sweet for me. That is why I am so energized by all of the hours of training. Why should I ever complain?…. I wanted this… for my own personal reasons. I truly am blessed by every minute of this journey.

Your body follows where your mind leads…… where are you headed?



Big Daddy Diesel said...

I had a recoverty week, and I loved it, well, I was very sore from my race, I needed it, its back to work this week

I cant wait to till your race, you are so going to be prepared for it

Karen said...

So true... Sometimes the journey might not take place when you thought it would but with some patience, it eventually comes full circle. Glad you are back on the road to ironman :)

Marlene said...

I am laughing out loud over here because I am the same way with cleaning. Mark hates my recovery weeks too! I am not a fan of chores, but it is sooo nice to get things done.

Grey Beard said...

What is this 'cleaning' of which you speak? I couldn't find it in my English dictionary. ;)

I'm so happy to see you taking advantage of your ability to will yourself in a direction of your choosing. Eventually, that starts to go away, so goals have to be set more carefully, but in the meantime, awesome you are taking max advantage of your physical abilities. RFM!

Matty O said...

I have so much stuff I keep pushing off that my recovery weeks me, no training, but TONS of catch up on life haha.

Sorry about your Husband and his career in the past, but things appear to be realigned and back on track for you guys now!

I won't be complaining too much as soon as my injuries are gone, I have a totally new outlook on training :)

Have fun this weekend!

Colleen said...

Everything happens for a reason. I love reading how this is YOUR journey... and how excited you are for it!