Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Round and Round

Weird things are happening. Things I cannot control. Changes within me. I am learning to enjoy the track sessions.....

Now that I have joined in on our Local Track Clubs weekly runs (only will do this when it fits my written plan) I am realizing that the track is not the most evil place to get a workout in. Running in circles is not the worst thing that could happen. Last night I joined in on the Monday Tempo run that was being held by this club.

Here is how it rolled for me:

1 mile warm up - 10 min pace (lots of social chatting)

3 miles at tempo pace (8:38, 8:40, 8:34)

short cool down

Did I mention that my hubby and 4 other friends joined in on the fun? Always amazed at what we can talk our frineds into doing. The love of the track was not felt by everyone BUT chatting before and after made it worth it in the end.

Today I have a 2 hour ride on tap. Was hoping to join a group of friends to share these miles with but the rain may leave me doing my time on the trainer. Crazy...but the trainer is not all that bad either.

Trainer Session -

10 min warm up easy spin

20 gearing mix

3x12 min steady state (80 rpm, low z4) 2 min recovery after each set

2x8 min intervals (85-95 rpm, high z4) 2 min recovery after each set

20 min spin (zone 3)

Happy Tuesday!



Matty O said...

I heart the trainer :)

I am a weirdo though haha.

Still not buying that the track is fun, keep trying to make it sound enjoyable, I am NOT buying into that one ;)

Have a good ride!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love the trainer too, weirdos unite

Marlene said...

I actually like running around and around the track. I run loops often at the park too. It's so much easier to break down the workout and not THINK to much about the distance.

Have a great ride!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i can't say i like track yet, but I do really like the group and that has kept me going!! I do also like feeling so strong afterwards even if my whole body hurts