Friday, April 29, 2011

Called Out

Birthday flowers!

What a solid week of training. As of Thursday night I had completed 7 hours of training. :)

Notable Mentions:

I opted on riding my trainer for 2 hours on Tuesday (workout here) after I trusted the weather forecast. Missed out on some awesome social time with our friends but had a SOLID Kick-BUTT session on the trainer.

Wednesday I turned 39. What a better way to celebrate than with a 45 minute run/drills session followed by an hour swim session. Hubby had a beautiful dinner waiting for me when I arrived home. No words can capture how blessed and special our two boys and all of our family and friends made my birthday this year. Simply wonderful!

Thursday I had my long run for the week. I headed out in some beautiful 75 degree weather. All went really well until the last 2 miles where my legs seemed to add weight with every step. Basically I completely failed with have enough fuel/liquid for that distance. Hubby gave me a long scolding. Although i did not want to hear it he was right. I must practice nutrition and fuel every single time. Called out for being lazy on it. Guessing the salt on my hat and shirt were another telling story. Lesson learned…I promise! (10 miles/ avg 9:05 pace)

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!!



Matty O said...

I hate when everyone else is right :(

Lesson learned indeed, suffer defeat or plan better right?

Usually I take nutrition and never use it, but I have it with me haha.

Great week, happy birthday!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Marlene said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy {belated} Birthday! Hope it was a great one. Last year in the F35-39 age group... and you are making it count. :)

Wes said...

yes, practice practice practice. You will learn more from your mistakes then your successes :-) Keep up the good work.

oh, and that sounds like the way alot of us "krazies" spend our birthdays :-) Glad you had a great one!

Big Daddy Diesel said...


I ordered you a midget to jump out of a cupcake, hope you enjoy it

word verification: bikers

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful week for you.

Bob said...

Happy birthday!

Colleen said...

Happy belated birthday! And congrats on a kick butt week!

Matthew Smith said...

Is that sweat on your arm? Obviously that was an awesome workout on the trainer. Way to go!