Wednesday, April 6, 2011

While you were away...I ATE YOUR FOOD

How my Tuesday started as a BIG FAT FAIL….

  • Forgot to set my alarm clock and woke up 15 minutes before work.

  • Raced downstairs and went to pour my coffee. I actually remembered to set that timer but forgot the WATER.

  • Arrived at work in a jerk and then realized I did not bring my grocery’s with me for the day.

The following may or may not have all been my food. Let’s just say that I have placed a few IOU’s around the office today. I have no shame ;/

Breakfast, Lunch and Snack consisted of the following:

Cliff Protein Bar


Wheat Crackers

Diced up Peaches in a cup

Packet of Peanut Butter



Water…Water…and more WATER

I am now eyeing some powdered coffee creamer….lol.

Scott is predicting a major BONK on our ride this afternoon... ;/



Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is exactly why I leave cans of soup, crackers, dry fruit, you name it, at my desk, just for this exact reason.

LOL Word Verification: Happy

Matty O said...

LOL Now that was just hilarious!!!

I am sorry but I have never left them an IOU. I allow them to guess who the jerk in the office is haha.

You are too funny.

Have a great ride!

Maria (maslife) said...

Hilarious :) I like to store emergency snacks in my office...

Marlene said...

BRUTAL! I would be sooo lost without my usual grocery load to get through the day! For me, it would have been a Subway day for usre. ;)

Wes said...

nice... you didn't steal my lunch did you?

Anonymous said...

You're funny! You need some emergency food at work!