Monday, April 4, 2011

Give Me Another

My idea of a Girls Getaway Weekend is not something filled with shop-till-you-drop adventures. Rather mine would be EXACTLY what happened this past weekend….

Relaxing with a glass of wine – gourmet food – running the Charleston Bridge Run – a small amount of shopping – afternoon mimosa’s – more gourmet food – chatting and laughing about everything under the moon – even more food – even more wine – and closing it off with an 83 mile ride before coming home.

The Bridge Run brings in 35,000-40,000 each year for this 10k. I was there to have fun and that is exactly what I did.

Charleston Bridge Run

6.2 miles - 53:38 (8:39avg per mile)

To be an event of this size I would have to say that Charleston does a fantasic job in managing the crowds. Love the route and the climb to the top of the bridge.

The Ride After the Bridge Run

83 miles - avg 19.6mph

The four of us girls worked liked a moving train the entire ride. I can not say enough how about how happy I am to know and be a part of this team. We picked up other cyclist here and there for short periods along the way and only stopped at one rest stop for 5-10 min. LOVED IT!

So to kick off my scheduled rest day I am getting a massage this afternoon. Tomorrow it is back to work on some focused training.

:) Robin


Dave said...

ok...looks like an estrogen fest while the Husband stayed home and watched his Red Sox get Swept by Texas. ;-)

Marlene said...

What a fantastic weekend! Congratulations on the race and the big ride. Enjoy that massage!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL coming from David, a secret Oprah fan

Great weekend!!!

Do you own that black hat?

Matty O said...

Awesome weekend. I am the same way. When I have a day off from work, I typically pull off a long brick workout.

Glad you guys had a great balance of awesome training and good times :)

Have a great massage!

Kit Kat said...

Now that's MY kind of weekend. Looks like you ladies had a blast. I want an invite to the next one :)

Grey Beard said...

Sounds like a great weekend. A great team, and lotsa eye-candy too! I was hoping that you gals got in a great drafting practice on that bottomlands blast. Brings back great memories of our little 3-man team in HS. Good time!

Colleen said...

AWESOME! Sounds like the perfect weekend! :)

Stephanie said...

What fun pics!!! I always love to look at your great outfits. Congrats on a strong race!

Wes said...

yea, we're definitely a different kind-o geek when we go on vacation :-)