Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Balls in the Air

Just when I think I have this whole “training for an Ironman” thing down I get a few curveballs thrown my way and realize that I need not ever get too ahead of myself.

Last week was a solid week. I was so pumped that I hit all of my numbers dead on. To be honest it had me thinking that I was just cruising from one week to the next.

This week has much more family obligations thrown into the mix. No biggie. Just means I will be spending a ton of my bike time on the trainer. Good thing I do not hate it as much as I use to.


Wednesday – swim 1hr /run 30 min

Thursday – run 1 hr (a.m.) / TIMETRIAL event 1 hr(p.m.)

Friday – swim 1 hr / bike (course marshal for local 5k)

Saturday – bike 3hr30min (trainer starting well before it gets light out)

Sunday – run 2hr

Total for week 20 = 13 hours

So even with lots of other obligations happening around me I vowed to not let my training take over my life and time spent with family and friends. No one promised that I would actually be awake at these gatherings... LOL.

Btw – Thursdays TimeTrial will be a first for me. I plan on getting to the event early and warming up. The course is an out and back with rolling hills for a total distance of 10 miles. This should be good!

Now back to juggling all these balls in the air....



Wes said...

awesome. it takes creativity to balance Ironman training with the real world. keep up the good work!

Marlene said...

Way to fit it all in! You have a PLAN and I know you'll stick to it.

Good luck (and have fun!) at the TT!!

Grey Beard said...

Will be very interested in your impressions of the TT. What was my average? 88%? (I know how you love a challenge ;))

Matthew Smith said...

That sounds like a great schedules of workouts. Good luck on the TT.

Grey Beard said...

Oh, tip, there's a reason TT bikes have those 53-55T chainrings - slower cadences are more efficient, at least to a point.

OK, it's official. I'm excited.

Matty O said...

Totally feel you on this post. My last post is kind of identical haha.

Keep up the good work. Like you, I will do anything required to make my workouts!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was totally juggling yesterday!!!

TT are freaking fun!!! THough I hate when race directors make the TT course hilly, they are suppose to be flat. oh well

Grey Beard said...

So? Details, girl. Details! :D

Colleen said...

Balancing everything is the hardest part... good for you for making adjustments!