Monday, May 23, 2011

Training Jackpot

Following my long ride this past weekend I rolled back into the neighborhood and was greeting with a HUGE SURPRISE!!! Our oldest son, serving in the USMC, was standing at the end of our driveway for a surprise visit. Having drove 7 hours home to spend 36 hours and head back out was such a treat!! I went into full baking mode and loaded him up with goodies for the trip back to his base.

After coaching myself for 22 weeks I am thrilled to say that I am now being fully coached by Vince Matteo for the remaining part of my training for the IMKY on August 28th. Now I am not saying that I could not have continued just as I was (I am very motivated) BUT what I can say is now I can relax a bit and not worry over every detail (I was driving Scott crazy). The changes made so far have been so positive and I am 100% confident in all that Vince says for me to do!!

After our phone call last Wednesday I was left with so many positive thoughts about the work I have already completed and the suffering work he has in front of me. Having my Garmin data reviewed to reevaluating my heart rate zones are all so helpful.

I have hit the jackpot!!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

That had to be the coolest, to see your son home!!!

Grey Beard said...

:D, and :D. Love the radiant smile!

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome surprise to have your son come home. That's awesome!

teacherwoman said...

Too cool to have your son surprise you! Love it!

Bob said...

Now that's a good surprise!

Matty O said...

I couldn't imagine what emotions ran through you as you were pulling up on your bike haha. That is special.

Thank you (to your son) for serving our country!

I hope the coaching is what you need! Of all people you are one of the most determined and motivated!!! Listen to him now haha!

Marlene said...

YAY for a surprise visit from your son!! And awesome that you are being 100% coached from here on out. That must be a bit of a relief - you don't have to think so much, you just have to DO the workouts!