Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video Project

At the request of my coach I had to video myself in all there aspects…run – bike – swim. Have you ever had yourself videoed while in motion? Only twice have I had my swim videoed but never running or riding.

So I thought I would share where I seem to spend my days and nights these days. :) Welcome to the Trainer Cave. It really is not all that bad. I have music, tv, and the entertainment of passing cars in and out of our neighborhood. Having spent so much time on the trainer I no longer get the strange looks as people pass by. This has become a norm and because I never ride solo I am on the trainer a ton. Strangely I really believe that it is making me stronger and when I am on the road for my really long rides I appreciate it in a new, beautiful way.

On the running front – My new shoes should arrive tomorrow (Thursday). I freaking love new shoes! I did skip my run all together on Monday and iced my shins instead. Today they feel so much better and coach has given me the green light to run following my swim today just back off the intensity a bit.

On the swimming front – I am on track to hit all of my swims this week. Sucking it up and focusing on the importance of these sessions. It will all count on race day. Anyone want to see my swim video? After watching it the only real critique I can say is that I need to kick…period. Even just the slightest increase would

I feel so relaxed and confident right now in my training. Sure I have plenty of areas I can improve but this experience so far has been absolutely amazing.



Wes said...

you are chiseled steele! Look out Ironman! :-)

Matthew Smith said...

Loved the video. I took a bunch of pictures of me in the aero position, but I think the video would be really helpful. I hope it was beneficial for you!

Grey Beard said...

Wow, super quiet above the waist. Excellent. Something I should work on soon...added to a long come-back list.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am a huge believer of trainer work all year long, not just spinning, real work, like it hurts to walk up 2 stairs hurt.

Marlene said...

Looking strong!! I am impressed that you are putting in so many miles solo - awesome that you can feel it paying off on the road!!

Colleen said...

You look great!

Love your attitude about everything! ;)

Anonymous said...

So awesome to see you "move" for the first time:-))