Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Your Life Out Loud

Thoughts in random order:

  • I have 19 days until the Rock N Rollman Half Iron!!! Yes I am getting very excited.

  • Ordered new running shoes after realizing that I was overdue and may have the slightest case of shin splints because of this oversight.

  • Added some extra electrolytes to my bottle this past weekend and had no cramps. SCORE!

  • Training for an Ironman leaves you feeling alone at times. Schedules and social gatherings become a challenge as each week of training increases. Some understand and some do not. :/

  • Had a massage Sunday following my brick session. Thought I was going to pass out the moment my body hit his table. Angry legs feel much better now.

  • The inside of my car looks like a transition station. I seem to have a little bit of everything for a tri.

  • I never understood how anyone could not make time to get a cut/highlight. Who does this? Well…my hair is now 7 weeks overdue and I still have not made an appointment. Thank goodness for ponytails.

  • In order of where I feel strongest right now... bike, run, swim. Why is it so hard to drag myself to the pool but once I start swimming the session turns out great?

This week has 3 Swims, 5 Runs, and 4 Bikes to make 13hrs of training.

Rinse…Repeat…. Living My Life Out Loud !



Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I hear you on the lonely part, 90% of my friends are people I train with, bars and dnacing has been replaced with miles and hills.

- I am lucky to be a guy, 15 minutes max, if that for a haircut.

Matthew Smith said...

With 104 days till Louisville, it's a little understandable that you've got training to do. Keep up the good work!

Judi said...

its totally fine. it's just one year. you basically give up 9 months of your life for this one accomplishment. i dragged up this post thought it would make you smile:

Wes said...

nice work! Ironman training is an art form, and I recognize that evil stick :-)

Matty O said...

Great post. Captured the feelings perfect.

Laughed pretty hard at the pony tail comment ;)

Luckily we live less than 10 min from our pool... always make those sessions!

Keep up the good work!

Grey Beard said...

Good to hear the progress on electrolytes. Kudos!

The intensity and duration of intervals, length and intensity of long rides, rest and recovery periods, etc all become very personal as you close in on your taper and walk the tightrope between training and over-training.

When HR monitors became affordable, many coaches noticed this and commented on it. After training for 8 months for Mt Hamilton, I stopped riding for 6 weeks. I was just sick of that being all-consuming and needed a break.

Colleen said...

Ironman training can be very lonely... just know that there are a lot of us out here going through EXACTLY what you are and we get it! :)

Marlene said...

I hear you on the "some understand, some do not" - we have fallen out with some of our friends and even FAMILY who are simply not dunerstanding of our commitments right now. Sad...

davepeach said...

yea be real careful of overtraining and overstressing especially with 94 degree heat forecast. I got sick again due to overdoing it and not enough rest. For cramps: you can buy Morton Lite salt that has potassium cloride and add to your drinks. I make my own "brew" sometimes with Koolaid and add in some protein powder too. I'm cheap/frugal.