Friday, July 22, 2011


I am officially deep in the peak of my training and the IRON-FOG that comes along with it.  What this means is that I can barely remember what task I need to work on day-to-day.  I am hanging on because Coach Vince says that this hole I am in will only last a little bit longer.  TWO more weeks of this madness until the Taper Crazies arrive.

Quick Updates:

  • I was able to do my 2 hour run Wednesday morning instead of in the evening.  Major score with this heat.  I noticed a cute running top in my closet that I could not remember why I was not already using like crazy.  Well I now remember…the top gave me the worse case of body rash ever.  HOLY MOTHER ALIVE!
  • I recently discovered that Corona Lights are only 99 calories a piece.  Nuff said! SCORE!
  • My neighbors are starting to think that I live on my trainer in the garage.  The guy across the street waved and said that he would see me tomorrow after he arrived home from work.  I am starting to feel the same way.  What is wild is that I really like the trainer sessions!
  • FOOD.  I am back on eating red meat in high volumes.  It is just what I am craving. 
  • Can I punch a person out that I am sharing a lane with at the Y?  Thursday’s 3500 meter was unreal.  I was hot 5 times!  Twice by a child that swam into my lane and 3 times by the lady that I was sharing a lane with.  Good practice for the Ironman swim I guess.

  • Our AC unit broke yesterday.  Last night our bedroom never went below the 85degrees mark.  It was a LONG sleepless night.  Guy is coming out to fix it today.  Tonight I will be in bed way before the sun goes down.

Got another solid training weekend ahead.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


Karen said...

Here's hoping you bust out of the fog soon! What do you do on your trainer to keep from getting bored? I need some tips!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love the trainer comment.

Wouldnt it get great to punch people in the rule who dont get it, I would think it would only take once or twice for them to get it

Anonymous said...

Poor you without an AC. Killer! I hope it's back on.

Can't believe it's almost IRON time for probably can do so very well...haha.

Enjoy those Coronas. I LOVE Corona and will try the light version.

Colleen said...

You are rocking it girl! So excited for you!!!

Ugh - I feel you with the AC. WE don't have AC in our house and it's never cooler than 85. Luckily the window AC in our bedroom is working! :)

I crave red meat when my training ups - must be the iron!

Corona lights with a lime mean you are getting fruit too! :)

Wes said...

never a dull moment on the fog induced path to Iron. Don't worry, you won't remember much :-) LOL!!

Matthew Smith said...

The A/C breaking has to be the worse possible thing! I hope it gets fixed soon.

I think it's fine to knock somebody out that you're swimming with! Hit 'em good! ;)

Grey Beard said...

No AC is brutal. Did that last month. OMG!!! Sleeping on the floor in front of a fan helps.

Thought the IRON fog was lack of iron on 1st blush. Happy you are in the zone and listening to those cravings.

On the red meat thing, I never hear people changing their diet to see how much red meat they can eat before it starts degrading their performance, always the other way around. Why? Are they interested in max performance, or not?

Juicy steak strips are the best salad dressing I know of! :D

Matty O said...

Iron-Fog, LOVE THIS. This is exactly what I am dealing with. On our ride over the weekend, complete mental fail... ugh.

Just hitting our peak hours this week and next. Can't WAIT!

Keep on crushing these last few weeks :) :) :)

Marlene said...

I hope you got that a/c fixed - YIKES.

Ugh to getting slapped around in the pool! This morning there were 9 people in my lane. NINE!!!