Monday, July 18, 2011

SPOT ON - Crazy

It all starts with a good attitude.  Knowing that you have a 4am alarm coming on Saturday morning can be a little crazy but CRAZY is what we all love.

As soon as my feet hit the floor I just had a good feeling about the day ahead.  Who cared that rain was in the forecast, or that we were headed to the mountains for lots of climbing, or that I also had an hour run following.  :)

Because the three of us girls are all training for upcoming Ironman events we all had the same goal… steady moving and minimal store stops.  We laughed and carried on as we working to tackle the miles. The rain stayed with us for at least the first 3-4 hours of the ride.  Did not bother me in the least.  It meant that we were not boiling in the sun.  It has been months since I have ridden in these mountains and tackling a 6-8 mile climbing sections felt fantastic.  How I have missed the epic climbing rides.  I took extra caution on the descents and railroad tracks.  I am not that kind of “crazy” to go speeding down wet roads.

When we arrived back we made our transition to our run.  The sun was out by this time and making up for lost time. I had a side stitch for the first 2 miles but worked through it and finished out the run THRILLED with the days training session.

Stats and Info:
Bike – 102 miles
Elevation Gain -  5489 ft
Store Stops – 1
Pee stops – 4
Gu’s – 6
Fuel Bottles – 2 1/2
Water bottles – 2
Cliff Bar – 1
Power Bar Gel Blast – 1 pack (these are my new favorites)
Pepsi – 1

Run – 5 miles (cut the hour a bit short J)
Gu – 2
Water bottles – 1

I am most thrilled that I felt like my fuel was SPOT ON.  I never felt a dip in energy and would have had no problem adding more miles to the bike and run. 

Give me another day just like this one anytime!!

So I closed out Sunday with a 45min run / 45min trainer ride and that is what makes up an 18 hour training week!! :)



Matthew Smith said...

Nice work! You're a beast. Keep it up!

Stuart said...

Monster day out!


Matty O said...

surprised at your nutrition! Thought you would have felt a little dip. Glad that it worked out for you though! (I am probably used to what I take in and probably have a good 75lbs on you haha).

I love those days, it just feels "right" and you can do no wrong. Love it.

Things are falling into place AWESOME!

Marlene said...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow 4 am on a saturday and in a chipper mood, that alone is impressive, you are really dialed in with your training

Wes said...

4 AM? TOO DAYUM EARLY :-) but yes, necessary. AWESOME JOB!

Grey Beard said...

That's a nice weekend Robin. Cool and rainy beats hot and sticky any day, and lets you focus on muscular endurance instead of salt, water, food. A nice mtn you've got there. Was thinking of it when watching Hincapie in the Alps today on Versus.

It's so reassuring to get the big things like nutrition dialed in. We all hope that by the time the big day arrives everything is dialed in and all goes according to plan. We also know that never happens, but the things that stay dialed in make it possible to deal with those that don't.

BTW, somebody asked me to look into Nuun. Maybe that was you? Looks like a good electrolyte system.

Lily on the Road said...

I hope you realise that you are my inspiration!

Nice that you have people to train with, makes a huge difference....

Awesome job, I'm loving reading about your adventure to Iron...

davepeach said...

Great post you are inspiring me to do. An IM distance event. I wonder what foods you might eat after the big event. Pizza , beer and ice cream? Next a 20 hour week? Keep it going.