Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Epic Week in the Making

The thing about vacations is that things can get off balance.  You would think that it would have been my training sessions or the a higher consumption of adult beverages but it was my diet.  I am a fairly CLEAN eater and love it.  For the most part last week I did well but as the week went on I began having things that I have long given up without really missing it.

Fast forward to today…I was out running an errand at lunch… forgot to bring my lunch from home… ran through the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A and out of my mouth came the request for WAFFLE FRIES.  OMG they were GOOD!  The aftermath is my stomach punishing me for this foreign food (grease) and now I am left with regret. Not worth it!  After reviewing their website I now realize my lunch meal was over 1000 calories.  (I realize I working out like crazy and am not obsessed about calorie counting but will say I was surpised)

So enough is enough…. I am ready to cut-it-out and resume back to my normal eating.

On the training front:

This week sessions are playing out nicely!

Monday – 2900 meter swim
Tuesday – 1hr45min ride / 30 min
Wednesday – 3025 meter swim / 30 min run (outdoor pool temp water was 91degrees)
Thursday – 1hr15min run / 2hr ride
Friday – 2250 meter swim
Saturday – 100 mile ride / 1hr run (heading to the mountains for this ride)
Sunday – 45min run / 45min bike

18 PLUS HOURS – This will be my highest volume week

Loving every minute of this journey!!


Matty O said...

:) Calories smalories! It was dang good though wasn't it ;)

Yeah, that century is gonna hurt up in the hills haha, we did ours on the FLAT ground.


Keep the momentum going great!

Marlene said...

18 hours - GASP!!!!!!!

No more grease - your body needs the good stuff! (I know you know that)

I have a heck of a time getting back on track after a vacation or even a weekend of indulgence. It's ridiculous b/c I know my body does not LIKE that food and yet sometimes I can't resist the temptation.


Dave said...

you are so in the zone...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Costco sells a 5 pond bag of waffle fries for $5

Matthew Smith said...

Those fries are amazing, although I haven't had them in forever. Your training is ridiculous! I just can't imagine training that much. One day, when I decide to become and Ironman, I'll understand what 18 hours of training is like. Good luck!

Peter H said...

Oh well.........back to the grindstone!

Yes, we all regret the odd outburst.....but think of all the good food that goes through the body too.

An ocassional breakout is not all BAD.

Has been a bit tricky to avoid junk food while sitting and watching the tour de France at night!

Stuart said...

Nice big week to look forward to!

You know clean fuel burns best!