Sunday, July 10, 2011



Vacation was absolutely wonderful this past week.  This year was different because of the training for the IMKY so some modifications where made by coach and off I went to enjoy being at the beach with the family.

A quick re-cap of the weeks training - 

Saturday - 1hr trainer session before leaving
Sunday - 1hr15min run
Monday - 4000 meter swim
Tuesday - 35min run
Wednesday - 4000 meter swim, 1hr15min run
Thursday - travel home
Friday - 2 MILE ows swim :)
Saturday - 4hr30min ride, 1hr run
Sunday - 1hr trainer ride, 1hr run

So even with vacation thrown in I never felt owned by my training schedule and I actually feel amazing!  In fact, todays run resulted in some of my fastest running paces in weeks.  Amazing how all of those slower paces get washed away by one good run where everything is clicking.

As I write this post I am 48 days from the Ironman in Louisville. With each week I am feeling more and more confident.  I can truly say that I LOVE every minute of this journey.  Simply a blessing!!



Colleen said...

WOOHOO! One of the best posts I've read in a long time!!!! Keep going - you're almost there!

Matty O said...

Holy swim fest girl!!!!!! WOWZERS :)

Glad you were able to balance the training with vacation and still get some R&R. Keep up the good work!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Love the post

I just wrote I need a vacation

Marlene said...

Sooo glad you were able to enjoy your vacation and still get your training in. Look at those big swims!!!

Almost time. :)

Stuart said...

7 weeks and 2 of them will be a taper, so basically a month and the goal will be yours!

Awesome job!

Caratunk Girl said...

Let me tell you - that 48 days turns into 12 some freaking quick!

Keep up the awesome work.

Lily on the Road said...

AWESOME you were able to have your vacay without any training pressure disrupting it!

48 days, WOW, but as Stuart said, two weeks of that will be taper (madness).

Anonymous said...

You definitely got a lot of swim practice while on vacation;-)

Wes said...

that's just a massive amount of swimming. Got gills? :-)