Friday, July 1, 2011


Wow!  My recovery must have did the trick last week.  Every session has been absolutely fantastic this week.  Fatigue has been shed and my mind renewed with even more positive energy to get me through these next couple of week. 

Re-cap of this week-
Monday – 90 min run
Tuesday – 1hr swim, 1hr15min trainer session with killer interval sets, 30 min run
Wednesday – 1hr swim session
Thursday - 30 min run, 1hr ride(with hubby), 15min run
Friday – 4hr ride, 30 min run
Saturday – EARLY 1hr trainer session and then I am OFF TO VACATION

Something I originally was concerned about was training and vacation.  I am entering a set of peak weeks before the taper begins.  IMKY in 58 DAYS!!  Having a coach has helped me ditch the worry and coach already has a great plan in place that will work perfect with family vacation.  Ironman is not my life just part of my life :).  So while I am away, without my bike :( , I will do lots of run sets (I always run a bunch on vacation anyway) and my boss has offered his pool (SCORE) so that I can swim twice while we are at the beach. 

In just taking a glance at the few weeks following vacation I better soak all of this up.  I am going to be a training fool when I get back.  YES!

Happy 4th to everyone!! 


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Matty O said...


Your plan has you running a lot more than us... I think I need to amp up the run volume for us, I know this was a weak point at our 70.3 last year.

Great plan and happy that everything seems to have worked out with your vacation!

jen said...

Sounds like you are in the perfect place heading into your peak weeks. Enjoy the weekend and keep up the good work!! You are awesome!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Love the plan!!!

Remember in the winter, this race seemed sooooooo far away, once summer hit, we cant slow the days down fast enough.

Wes said...

jealous of you sneaking in 4 hour rides on FRIDAY! have a nice vacay and enjoy a few Coronas!

Stuart said...

Enjoy the vacation and altered training!

Chad said...

Sounds like a fantastic week of training to me. Great job!! Have a wonderful vacation!

Groover said...

Just stumbled upon your blog via Judi. Good luck for IMKY. I remember when Judi trained for IMKY a while ago. But how do you manage to sneak in a 4 hr ride on a Friday? *jealous*

Have a great vacation!

davepeach said...

So you are at almost 13 hours for that week. How many hours per week when your volume peaks? Howuch on "vacation"? Thanks.

Grey Beard said...

Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like the rest week was a capital idea at just the right time!

Anonymous said...

Have a super vacation!!!

Colleen said...

Hope you have a fantastic vacation! :) Enjoy!!!

Dave said...

so outta pocket...good grace on the next couple of months...coming down the back stretch.