Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just In Time

Last week I posted about my SLACKNESS in the pool.  I adjusted my attitude and TRIED to start the week off with a solid swim on Monday.  Well those storms that I had prayed for last week, that never arrived, did appear yesterday…well the threat of them at least.  I arrived at the Y near my work to swim first and then do my run.  After being informed of the pool being closed for at least 20 more minutes I decided to run first and swim last.  Even after arriving back from my run much later the pool was still closed.  No storm had arrived but the threat was still present.  I called my hubby who informed me that the skies were clear at the house so I jumped in my car and drive to my Y by my house.  NO JOKE…by the time I arrived near my house the storm had followed me.  So in the end NO SWIM. :(

Today I plan on swimming before my bike intervals on the trainer follwed by a 30 min run.  Forecast shows at 4pm it will be 70% chance of storms.  Maybe I need to pray harder to reverse my prayers from last week!

On a major AWESOME note – when I arrived home last night I had a box on my front doorstep from a friend of mine.  She said she had a box of GU’s for me so I was thinking it would be a 24 pack.  Well I opened it and to my surprise there were 100 GU’s in the box!!  Major jackpot!  Those babies add up when you are training at these higher volumes and my race budget has been blown for sometime now. In fact I used my last 2 gu's on my run.  SWEET!

Lastly, I will mention that Frayed Laces is having a giveaway.  Nothing that would interest any of you so I would not even bother checking it out. :)



Karen said...

WOW - 100 GUs is a mjor score - how nice!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is a major score, I wish I had someone do that for me

Matty O said...

Hilarious. I can't fathom that many gels in my house at one time!!! At least they are hammer gels though ;)

Well you can't say you didn't try getting the swim in right? You totally made a break for it and everything!

Don't fret on the swim, just get the long days in and you will be fine :)

Marlene said...

Uh-oh, I guess you got what you wished for.

Score on the motherload of gels! That should last at least a week or two. ;)

GOOD LUCK on the giveaway! You're hilarious. Hope you win!

Grey Beard said...

I'm sure you have God thoroughly confused by now. I think God REALLY created man to help him figure out women! ;) Don't expect the 2nd coming until he's got it all figured out - so a long time before any Rapture imho.

Very happy to see you substituting starch for sugar in the heat. A tip: GUs are about $2.50 an oz. You can buy maltodextrin, 99% of GU, for about $2.00 a pound from GPC in Moline, Iowa. The Arne Baker .pdf on training I sent you a couple of years ago had a good chapter on making your own ride fuel.


You need someone to follow you around with a lightening rod!

Stuart said...

and there was me thinking they would be Nutella flavor!

Matthew Smith said...

What a score on the Gu! That stuff is expensive. Sorry the swim didn't work out.

Grey Beard said...

Cute that the Hammer Gels have the silhouette of a hammer! :D

Judi said...

yo - they give power gels on the IM course.

sometimes those pool issues will keep you from a swim, but in the end, you already know you can hit 2.4 miles in the water. a 30 minute swim isn't going to make or break you.

Caratunk Girl said...

100 GUS!! that rocks!