Monday, June 27, 2011

Alone in Your Head

Well my recovery week is officially over.  Sunday I joined two friends and we took off to tackle a Century.  Since the route was a straight shot out and back we were able to leave plenty of space between each of use as to not draft.  This left us alone in our own heads.  For some reason I was stuck in a 80's music time machine.  It was not good!!  With each mile it became clear that this was one B-O-R-I-N-G route! It felt like we were riding our bikes on a treadmill. No joke.  At mile 30 I needed to use the bathroom and while I was in the woods a decision was made to turn around and change up the route.  Happy with this decision we jumped onto a side road that would lead us to a route we are all familiar with.  Well we started adding up what we thought we would come up with, added another small loop to get us more miles, and then decided to just be happy with 80miles for the day.

Miles – 80 miles
Avg. – 18mph
Avg. HR – 126bpm (low)

I felt incredible when I finished.  It has been sometime since my legs have not felt dead in some way and I loved it!  I have been zeroing in on my bike nutrition trying to find just the right balance to keep my system fueled and my stomach as happy as could be.  These last two weeks have been a total success.

Today I am right back into the training
1hr swim
1.5hr run

Going to be a late night and I only hope to not eat my arm off before I arrive home. :)

Happy Monday!


Matty O said...

I HATE MAKING UP MILES! We tried adding miles to a few rides and it was more miserable than going out further... for some reason it is difficult to add miles on haha.

Great job though, 80 is nothing to sneeze at and with a solid speed too! I love how the legs feel after a recovery week. You feel strong and like you can't stop!

Keep getting these workouts in, you are gonna crush this!

Nutrition is difficult at times haha, I am afraid what the run will do to my stomach.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

So there is light to the end of this tunnel, COngrats on the ride.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the bid ride!!! Glad it went so well after the recovery week!

Stuart said...

Nice HR for the ride...clearly you're in the zone!

Wes said...

nice work. I have some great conversations with myself...

Matthew Smith said...

Nice ride! I think that adding miles sucks because they never seem to be enough. Good call on being happy with 80 miles. That's still really strong. Keep up the good work. Oh, and I got your comment today even though blogger was being stupid and not letting you sign in. Thanks.