Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Own Slackness

IMKY 2.4 mile swim

Out of the three disaplines swimming would be where I am suffering most....that is with motivation. I admit I sometimes hope for thunderstorms on my swim days to arrive on or around 4pm so I will have a justifable reason to miss a session. This really only seems to happen when I know I am headed to the pool vs. open-water.

My slackness showed when I arrived last Friday to join a local tri shop for a group ows. We arrived, chatted for a minute, and then headed out towards the damn. Well let's just say that I was slower than I should have been.....then I had been. Sure I could say it was due to having been sick for 2 weeks thus missing some sessions, or I could say it was the moons placement in the universe but in truth I know why.

So I MUST committ to all of my swim session!! On August 28th 2.4miles will be much easier if I know in my heart that I have done everything I could to prepare.

In other news......

My recovery week is going as planned. Even with 12hrs of training for the week I have also managed a few naps here and there and some extra quality time with the hubby. Our youngest son is away this week so the house has been quite. Scott is really enjoying his free pass ;).

Sunday things will be kicked off with a 100 mile ride :). From there it just goes up...up...UP. My final plans for next week will be received from coach shortly but I am bracing myself for some high volume training.

What a journey!



Matthew Smith said...

I feel ya on the commitment to the workouts. It's tough sometimes. You're going to rock Louisville. Keep up the good work.

Wes said...

completely normal... train your weaknesses, race your strengths... blah blah....

while daunting the swim leg of the Ironman is the least important part of your day. You wanna come out happy, warmed up, and ready!

Marlene said...

Glad you're enjoying the recovery week - sounds like you'll need it!!

Matty O said...

OOOOO Looks like you do have time on your hands this week :) Love the new blog update!

Don't sweat the swim. You can only lose a few minutes on people :) This is my mental thought at least haha.

Take all the bike advice in though, trust me, I am positive its ALL ABOUT THE BIKE!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like the new look

Mine is the run, I need to commit to it more

Enjoy the rest of the recovery week

Colleen said...

Good luck with the century on Sunday! :)

The swim at IMLOU is a good one... probably my favorite so far for a tri. It seems long, but it goes fast. And I didn't get smacked around like other tri's. One piece of advice... there is no current. Everyone told me there was and um... yeah, there wasn't! :)

Cory Reese said...

I love (and hate) recovery weeks. It seems like they can be harder than a high-training week!