Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Pass Jackpot

Recovery weeks always show up just about the time I cannot take one more week of my house needing to be cleaned from top to bottom. There are days with work, training, and life in general that I am just too tired to care about how things are so out of place.

On these days Scott always seems to know what to do. I walk in the door after being cooked by the sun from a ride or run and he has something yummy cooked to chow down on almost immediately. He has also basically taken on the task of grocery shopping and I have come to realize how much I do not miss these trips to the store after joining him last Sunday.

So with this recovery week I am giving my husband the break he deserves! A free pass for the entire week!! You heard me correctly. I am doing all of the chores this week, all of the cooking, cleaning the dinner dishes, and have also given him a pass when I clean the house from top to bottom on Saturday.

Have I also mentioned that Scott has begun his own training for the Challenge to Conquer Cancer Relay Ride that takes place this coming fall (we rode this journey together last year)? So that makes all that he is doing to support my Ironman dreams even more amazing. I am one lucky girl to have such a supportive husband who totally gets how crazy I am when it comes to all of this.



Matty O said...

Yeah that is awesome. Unfortunately for me, we are both doing the same training, which means dinner is never cooked, ready, and waiting when we get home :( Need to hire a maid haha.

Seems life always works out in the end huh? Recovery weeks always hit me when I need a break.

I do always long for training to pick back up by the time recovery week is over though haha.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am going to leave this post up on my home computer so someone can read this as well, thanks!!!

Marlene said...

Team Work - I love it!

Judi said...

he's a keeper for sure!

Matthew Smith said...

I'm glad you're getting a "break" from training, but now you've got all the house stuff to do. Pretty soon, you'll need a break from that and go back to training. I'm glad you've got a great husband that picks up the slack if you need to be focused on training. Enjoy your week.

Wes said...

I'm sending this to Dee Dee for inspiration ;-)

Grey Beard said...

You two are a great team who really deserve each other's support and affection. Marriage is so awesome when it works. Here's to many happy years ahead for both of you!