Monday, June 20, 2011

MAGIC in Numbers

A glimpse at my Saturday training –

5am - wake up (not as fast getting up as I normally am)

6:30am - rolling out for 5 hour ride

11:50am – rolling back in from ride

12 noon – headed out for run

Somewhere between all of this I managed to drop a bottle, assist in saving a turtle, school some young men on all of the gadgets on our bike, and most interestingly I also manage to get maced in the face. :)

*note-to-self – if you follow your friend too closely as she maces two approaching dogs in 10pmh winds than you will likely feel the burn of the spray*

We stuck to our steady moving plan and only stopped once at a store to refill all of our bottles. I also hit my prescribed HR targets that coach gave me but know that I can do even better. My RPM’s were close to being on target but did fall slightly as the sun began baking me and I lost a little focus.

When the training session (bike and run) was all said and done I walked in the house and placed my head right under the kitchen sink running cold water on my neck. It felt SO GOOD!

Interesting numbers:

On the bike

Fuel Bottles – 3

Water Bottles – 2

Gu’s – 3

Cliff Bar – 1

Pepsi – ½ of can. So good!

Miles covered – 83.49

Elevation Gain – 3,053ft

Avg. moving speed – 16.7mph

Avg. Rmp’s – 83

Although this pace was a bit slower than my past rides I felt a ton better overall by lowing my HR just a bit. The magic is happening and I will continue to dial in.

This week is a Recovery Week. What this means is that our house will get some needed attention and I will relieve Scott from all that he has been doing to make things run smooth. He deserves a break and I need to give it to him. Want to know how thrilled he was when I told him to go on his training ride this coming Saturday and I would take care of ALL OF THE HOUSE CHORES?

Happy Monday everyone!!



Marlene said...

Congrats on the big workout! OUCH to the mac, hope you are okay!!

Enjoy your much-deserved recovery week.

Matthew Smith said...

Great ride! Way to go! I hope the mace doesn't have any long term troubles for you.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Saved a turtle?

Sorry about the mace, I been in the range of mace before that was intended for someone else, I cant imagine having it done on the bike

Enjoy the recovery week

Stuart said...

Woah big numbers!

Ouch...I usually give them a Cytomax shower!

Wes said...

I love learning new lessons... even better when THAT ONE is vicariously though you :)

Colleen said...

I love that you saved a turtle... we did this on our bikes last week too! :)

Great ride... don't worry about the speed (which was fast by the way). It's all about time in the saddle and it sounds like you had a good time (besides the mace indecent!)

Matty O said...

Love it! Great job and yes, for IM training, you don't NEED to hammer it all the time :)

Steady spinning is the key ... so I am told.

Great job and seriously... close your eyes next time the mase comes out!