Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working some MAGIC here

Following training camp last weekend I arrived home and quickly exported my Garmin files to my coach. I was eager to see what he thought of my bike and run. Would he notice that I am listening and was actually increasing my RPM’s on the bike as he instructed? Would he notice that I ran my run rather than blowing up from chasing the lead group down? Well he has these fancy programs that can basically take this information and show how long you were in certain HR zones. What was so great about seeing this is that it gave a clear picture that I need to still work on not “racing” on my bike.

Fast forward to Tuesday where I headed out to test this with my instructed HR zone. Not as easy as it would seem when you know you can hammer it, when you are taunted by another rider to race, and where you are passed by others when you know you can go much faster. Still, I am listening and learning and as I finished my ride and transitioned into my run I felt great. Even after all of it was said and done my bike average was just about on target for the normal average pace for that same ride on those roads.

Wild to think that by keeping things even I actually can still cover the same ground at almost the same pace but feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Do you see the light bulb coming on?

So this weekend I will be truly putting this to the test. Nothing like a 5 hour ride followed by a 1 hour run to truly see the magic unfold.



Matty O said...

This is how I ride now. Last year I was a pedal masher, this year, finesse.

Trust me, I feel AMAZING when I get off the bike, last year I was worried about the run because my legs were trashed from the bike. Not this year.

I practice 90 cadence on the bike, anywhere from 85-95. Whatever gear feels right, that's what I choose. If it feels hard, I back off, if it feels easy I pile on. Have yet to have dead legs off the bike.

Now, the next day, that's another story ;)

Keep up the good work. Sound like you got the coach in the nick of time to fine tune your training and styles before the race. Its those small details we don't notice or realize on our own.

Marlene said...

That is one mega work-out and what a treat for it to go so perfectly! Coach must know what he's doing... :)

Matthew Smith said...

I'm right with you on the high cadence. That's new to me this year too. It's helped so much. Keep up the good work!

Teamarcia said...

Thanks for this awesome info. I am a total novice when it comes to cycling and had no clue.

Colleen said...

Sometimes it's hard to run your own race. But it's so much smarter to stick with what pace you know you are comfortable at... and pass everyone who blows up! :)

Good luck this weekend!

Grey Beard said...

Yes, I have noticed that in spite of spending a lot of time red-lining on club rides, my average speed has ALWAYS, without exception, been lower than when I ride alone and pace myself. In part this is because I never let myself slack off when riding solo. I try to maintain a nice, even strain just under LT.

IIRC, on my Mt Hamilton ride - 91 miles - I spent all of 5 seconds in Zone 5, and almost never got out of Zone 3.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

THis whole pacing thing is so different, your right, you know you can go faster and stronger, but now that we are going longer, we cant "race" like we do one oly and sprints

Wes said...

the little twenty-sumfin at the race Sunday kept right up with me, even though I was hammering the downhills.

Ironman is about racing smart and slowing down the least. Good thing to practice both now :-)