Monday, June 13, 2011

Dialing In....

This past weekend I loaded up the car with my teammate and we headed to Louisville, KY for the IAMTRI training camp.

My packing looks nothing like Scott's packing. It still worked :)

Saturday we joined close to 80 riders and covered the entire Ironman course. It proved to be beautiful! So many varying levels of ability with a one shared goal….finish and enjoy the journey. The energy this group was sharing was priceless! We chatted before and after the day’s events and shared training information on what works, what has not worked, how much we are all eating, and the often feel the need for napping. LOL!

JoAnna and me before the ride

Sunday gave us the opportunity to run much of the marathon course. Only a handful showed up and we were off. The pace out of the gate was faster than I like to start so I fought the urge to get pulled into it. I wanted to focus on my HR target and feel good for the entire distance. My strategy worked perfect. (now I need to apply this on the bike. I am listening coach!)

As for the Ohio River…. Not near as bad as I envisioned. One thing is still certain though…. 2.4 miles is going to be a LONG way.

Picture on light post where we had dinner Saturday night. Very exciting!

Overall this weekend was just about the best thing I have been a part during training. I am glad to have driven the 12 hours round trip and even more than happy about my efforts following being sick last week.

From here out my training only continues to ramp up. The days are ticking by faster and faster.



Matty O said...

Love this! I bet it was a great feeling being there with all the other athletes!

Can't wait for our training days.

Its going to be awesome! Keep your head up :)

Marlene said...

Sounds like quite the weekend! It must feel so good to have put in some miles on the actual course(s).

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want a training camp

I have heard more then once that on the swim, you swim out against the current and back in with the current, if that is correct, that is nice

Grey Beard said...

A trial run on the actual course is so valuable - even more so if you can use that info to tailor your training from now on in.

Was going to complement you on the wheels, but looks like those are your companion's. You only need the front wheel to be aero. The aero back wheel contributes very little, the front a LOT.

Bladed, radial spoking on the non-drive-side in back will get you almost the same benefit as an aero rear wheel, for $50-$75, if you know a good wheelbuilder.

On the bike pacing. Low on sodium, and too much BP med, I had the same problem on my bread & butter flat course my last ride. Pretty good simulation of high heat. Took a ThermoTab and within 10 minutes the lights came back on an WOW, what a difference. Something to think about Robin.

Matthew Smith said...

Isn't it great to see the course you're actually going to race on? I think it's awesome. Way to go on the solid training and not getting sucked into everyone else's pace. Keep up the good work.

Wes said...

I see a bike tire and aerobars... I assume the rest of the bike is buried in there somewhere? ;-)

Nice work!! I'm sure you got tons out of this weekend. Well done!

Colleen said...

Last year, this helped me so much. And on race day, you will be so much more comfortable, knowing what to expect! Were you able to swim in the Ohio at all? I don't know if they add that at later camps. That was a huge help for me!

Yay for a great weekend!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

So awesome!! I can't wait for my camp this weekend! It must be such a blast being there with everyone and getting to actually SEE it must make it a little less scary in your mind, right?

Judi said...

you are going to love the finish. which hotel are you staying in? i recommend the hyatt cuz you only have to walk like a block once you cross the finish line. :)

so excited for you! you will finish sub 12??? YES!! :)