Monday, August 1, 2011

Behold...Week 33

I wrote a blog post several times last week (in my head) but I never actually got around to posting it.  My best writing happens while I am working out.  If only I could bottle those thoughts to share.

Notable Sessions from last week –

Runs – to avoid over baking in the sun I was granted permission by coach to split my long run up into an early A.M. run and wrap the rest up with a P.M.   Well the afternoon session just about cooked me.  The heat index is hitting 100 degrees daily and the added heat from passing cars was miserable.  Slowest run to date!

Swims – crazy to think that I started with 1000 meter swims and now most session are at least 3000 meters or higher.  On Friday I swam a steady 3600 meters and it went by surprisingly fast. 

Rides – After the long ride on Saturday I opted for a trainer session in the garage for my Sunday session.  My sweat rag could not keep up and I soaked the garage floor.  It was an awesome workout.  I may be crazy but I love the SOLID training you can gain from a trainer.

So all of this brings me to my last BIG training week. 

Here is what’s on tap –

Monday – Swim/Run
Tuesday – Bike/Run
Wednesday – Swim/Run
Thursday – Long Run (early a.m.)/ Bike
Friday – Swim
Saturday – LONG Bike /Run 
Sunday – OFF J

So Saturday will be another complete mock of race day.  Nutrition, route, clothing, and everything else that 7 solid hours will bring. 

Getting closer and closer! IMKY in 27 days!


Stuart said...

Four weeks! You have so got this thing nailed...get it done!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

the heat index with the humidity has really been tough this summer, but I know that it will pay off with fall races!!

Matthew Smith said...

I hear ya on the heat slowing down the runs. Good idea to break them up...I don't know if I'd have the motivation to finish it off in the pm. Good job on the swimming too. You're going to rock IMKY!

Marlene said...

EEEEEEE, less than a month to go! You are killing it!!! I am just in awe of your workouts.

Would love to learn more about the trainer. I will need to get one for winter. What do I want to make sure I get? Do you use programs to simulate hills, etc? Do you shift gears on those things? I am so clueless!

Grey Beard said...

I just remembered, I used to swim! Swim team in HS. 14,000 yards a day in the natatorium when it was below zero outside, 70 degree water, and 60s air temps. Goosebump factory I grew to hate.

Got fan? ;) The day is getting sooo close now, but yes, heat really sucks.

I've been having trouble getting rides in myself. Finally figured out why. It gets hot later in the day here now, but stays hot almost until sunset. I must get up early to ride.

Matty O said...

sooooo cool. I cannot WAIT for the T Minus 30 day mark :) :)

Keep up the great work, YOU SO HAVE THIS !!!