Thursday, October 27, 2011


All of us are wired differently.  I totally get that.  As hubby and I began the new structure in our off season training his only request was to just be given 2-3 days worth of workouts in advance.  I am quit the opposite whereas I love seeing weeks in advance of what is in store. 

No matter how the visible the plan one thing is already working out well for both of us... STRUCTURE.  Running, cycling, yoga, and strentgh training.  We have not added swimming in but plan to do so within just a few weeks.  I did see the pool from the treadmill I was on the other night...does that count for swimming?

Love the journey you are on....... all of it!



Matthew Smith said...

Good for you guys to make a plan and go for it. I'm struggling to get out there and do anything. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I think I'm more like your husband, and yet Jenn plans MONTHS in advance for her workouts!

Marlene said...

I also like to know what's coming looong ahead of schedule. Kind of excited to start some "real" tri training next year!

Matty O said...

I was the same way... wanted to know 2-3 days out. MAYBE a week out to plan my weekends accordingly. Only once did we do a huge shuffle of workouts and have to change up 2 weeks worth to get it all in.

As for yoga and swimming... my two cents :) Last winter was hard core yoga at least once a week. When we finally hit the pool, holy crap were we strong and fast in the pool. The only thing we needed to lock down was breathing and lung endurance (which wasn't bad since yoga focuses on breath control as well).

In my opinion, every triathlete should do yoga once a week. HUGE HUGE gains here. Just my 2 cents though. You will NOT regret it :)

Good luck you guys!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I can only do a week out, nothing more, let me survive till Sunday before I look at the next weeks training schedule

Maria (maslife) said...

Structure is key! I completely understand!

FWIW: at the USAT clinic we went to last weekend, they talked about staying in the pool year round - even if you only do drill work because of the high reliance on technique. Apparently, we lose the neuralmuscular function (i.e., skill) for swimming if we don't regularly refresh it. Just a thought...

Colleen said...

I'm with you... I want to know what's ahead of me!

Seeing the pool totally counts as swimming. I "swim" every time I got to the gym! :)