Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Constant Change

One thing we can all count on is constant change in our lives.  Some of it is welcomed and some is not. Anyone that knows me would know that I like to focus on the positive change.  Why waste energy on the bad...right?

Some good change in my life is the fact that I am kicking off 2013 with a cleaner plate palate.  I am now moving into my fourth week and with each day I can see the benefits of this change in my body.  More restful sleep, a lot less of a bloated feeling (woman will understand this), and ... well just a better balance in my body overall.  Much more to come about this but for now I am thrilled to have broken the cycle that I was spinning around in.

Another positive change is setting new race goals for 2013.  I actually thought this would be my return year to Ironman but by fate it will not.  Instead I will take a journey this year and enjoy lots of different races venues with my hubby and some amazing friends.  How could this be bad?

First up this year will be setting a new PR at a Half Marathon on January 19th.  Not wasting anytime diving into a very exciting year.

As I set out for my last long run of 2012 I decided what a better way to finish the year off than to run each mile for someone I am thankful to have in my life.  How is that for focus?

So what is your focus?  Don't waste a minute looking back!



Matthew Smith said...

You're going to have an incredible 2013 in any and all of your races. Who knows...maybe we'll do the same race sometime! :)

Stuart said...

Sounds like a good plan to me! Here's to a varied and fast race schedule!