Sunday, March 25, 2012

21 Days Straight

 Always love a ride with Scott!

I know...I know....where have I been?  New job has my social media access VERY restricted.:(  THANK YOU all for the messages nagging me... I mean asking me to post.  How awesome!

Quick Update - 

Proof that I LOVE my trainer sessions.  100% solid sweatfest!

Training for my first Half Iron of the year is finally starting to feel like it is coming together.  Only 5 more weeks to go.  Since this is not my "A" race of the year I have tried to keep things in check.  Long season ahead with TWO Half Irons in October. :)

Team Rev3 is absolutely blowing my mind with the teammates and how well we are taken care of by the amazing line up of sponsors.  Every time UPS/FedEx drives through the neighborhood I think there may be a surprise delivery for me. :) Thank you PowerBar and SBR Sports for my recent delivers!!

Starting tomorrow, March 26th, I will be taking part in a 21 day virtual run with Rev3 to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Foundation.  I will run everyday in memory/honor of those touched by cancer.  I am 100% behind this mission to find a cure!

Relentless Forward Motion!


Wes said...

have fun running 21 days! Woot!!!

Marlene said...

Score on all that loot! Man, I need a sponsor.

It is certainly well-deserved by you! You know how to work AND make it fun! Keep smiling & sweating!

Lily on the Road said...

Good Luck with the good cause 21 days Straight!

And how come you look so good after the sweatfest? I'd look like I'd have been dragged through a hedge backwards!

Stuart said...

Awesome...good luck on the run!

Anonymous said...

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Beilezebub said...

What's going on around here? I miss reading your postings.

karen nelson said...

Running for a good cause is awesome.All the best for the marathon!

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