Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another 5a.m. Run

This 5am stuff isn’t all that bad! This morning I even had two friends join me at my house for a morning run. How awesome is that?! I sprung out of bed at 4:55am and within 3 minutes I was headed out the front door. No need to worry about how you look in the dark. A quick good morning and off we went. With only a few cars out that early in the morning we pretty much had the road to ourselves which made talking much easier. The first 3 miles felt fairly easy. Only a few slight hills and no pains to speak of. Once we made it to the town clock tower we turned around and headed back to the house. This run was going by so fast!

At about a mile from the house we kicked it up a few gears. This was a pace I knew I would not be able to hold for more than a mile or two and I was glad that I could see the house. They even began to pull away from me as we made the last turn on my road. Yikes! I could not let this happen…. one last sprint had me finishing right with them. Distance of 6.5 miles/ average pace 8:24.

It has been recommended that I have two pair of road shoes so that I can alternate them every other day. Does anyone do this? How in the world do I break it to my husband that I want to spend another $100 only three weeks after my last new pair?
Happy Running!


Scott said... just broke the news to me.

I want to you to be happy with whatever you do and be equipped to do...(just wait till after vactaion)...:)

Sounds like you had a great run this morning...I was "dreaming of running" after you left...haha.

Love you lots.

David said...

Nice pace! Still not with you on the 5AM stuff, though. But it does sound nice this time of year.

I have 4 pairs of shoes: 1 pr racing flats (race only), 1 pr short distance/bricks, 1 pr moderate distance, 1 pr longer distance/high stability. I figure I'm probably not going to do many back-to-back runs of the same type, so I will alternate by default. On rare occasions that I maybe do a fast 4 mile one day and a moderate 6 mile the next, I will use different shoes.

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job again on an early morning run. I did that for 6 months straight back in early 2005 and loved it. I'm doing it maybe once a week now and I'm thinking I may do more!:)

Mendy said...

Wow, what a pace! I only dream of being in the 8's. Oh well! I also alternate shoes. I have a long run pair, and a short run pair, both Mizuno's. "They" say that your shoes should get a 24hr break, before being used again.

Looks like it's new shoes for you.!!!

Overpronator said...

I remembering blinking a few times this morning, saw that it was 5:30, and I wondered if you were out running, thinking that I should do the same, and went back to sleep.

I'm trying out the two different shoe thing myself. I literally JUST committed to it, but it's only because there are some great clearance deals at Dick's.

Marcy said...

I've heard the same thing, you're supposed to have 2 pairs of shoes. Honestly, I don't think I run enough to warrant 2 pairs LMAO! You on the other hand . . . . probably do!

Sweet pace!! Speedy speedy and holding at 6 miles!! Great job!!!

scott keeps running said...

i haven't heard about alternating shoes, but it does sound like a good excuse to get a new pair. do you eat anything before (or during) your 5am runs?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the run.

I have heard that it is best to have two pair of alternating running shoes, and that it can be beneficially to have two different models or brands. I don't do it because I only run 3 to 4 times per week. I guess that my second pair of shoes would be my cycling I guess in a way I have two different pairs.

stephruns said...

Holy! 5 AM. I've tried this twice and everytime I left my house and ran a block I automatically turned around and went straight back to bed. I'm not even trying anylonger.

Great job!

Rose said...

Thanks for visiting, and for the bike suggestion. I alternate between two pairs of the same Asics shoe. I've heard that the cushioning lasts longer if it dries completely between runs, so if you run every other day, you're probably fine with one pair. If you run more than that, it might be worth getting another pair.

I like to get a new pair when my old ones are about half way through their life. That way I have a fully broken-in pair for longer runs, and a fresh new pair to break in on my shorter runs. Hope that helps.

~nattie~ said...

oh, i love those early am runs, too. on shoe rotation: i have six pairs at any given time, 3 road and 3 trail. i like to rotate so that the shoe can dry completely and spring back to its shape. AND my feet don't keep rubbing at all the same places, creating sensitive, "hot spots" that will later turn into blisters. i've also read that wearing different shoes helps prevent knee injuries, since you're reducing the repetition pattern.

Overpronator said...

Good Morning,

I'm up and about to head out. Thanks for the motivation by example.

I'm not too optimistic about this panning out as well for me as it did for you, but we'll see. This tiny AM digit is currently kicking my butt, and I don't even having the running shoes on yet.