Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Park, Pizza, 5am RUN!!

One thing that I brought away from the weekend is the need to get the entire family outdoors. Following work yesterday my youngest son and I went home and picked up a change of clothes and grabbed our dog. Since my husband works downtown we timed it just right and handed him a change of clothes minutes after he walked out of his office building. We played with our dog, Layla for about 2 hours. Enjoyed a yummy pizza and then headed back home. What a wonderful evening!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that you just need to make time for the things you forget most. Spending time with both of them down at the park last night was just fantastic.

Since I planned a 20 mile cycle ride with my husband today following work I knew I wanted to get my run in this morning and actually did it!! No snooze for this girl. I was up just a few minutes after 5am and managed to get in 4 miles. With the ride tonight and a 14 miler tomorrow I was pleased to just get a few miles in. Birds were singing, sprinklers were water lawns, and a nice yellow lab scared the crap out of me. Too funny!!

Here is a gadget for all that frequent the dark hours running.


Better to be safe!!


David said...

Park: yes
Pizza: YES!
5AM running: are you nutz?

Sounds like a great time, and a perfect day to do it. Looks like the wind will cooperate for the ride tonight, which makes for much more pleasant cross training. Just try not to simulate Jeni's class out there!

Overpronator said...

It's funny that you posted about early morning running. I half decided to start doing that myself this past Sunday, but I'm taking baby steps to get there. I had set one alarm to go off at 4:15 AM and another to go off at 4:30 AM on Monday. When the first one went off, I shut both down, went back to sleep before getting up about 45 minutes after the normal 6 AM alarm (alarm #3) went off.

This morning, I woke up naturally at 4:50 AM, thought about getting up for a run, and then REALLY thought about getting for a run, but then went back to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get up ... and possibly by the end of the week, I'll be hitting the road for a quick little jaunt.

Marcy said...

OMG, do you ever stop? LOL I'm with David, 5am is a tad early. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Sounded like a GREAT time with the fam ;D

Mendy said...

5:00 AM - Girl, you are nuts. But, I don't blame you at all - getting the run over with so you can spend some quality time riding your bike with hubby, is a great reason to do that! I know how much you love running in the morning, when no-one else seems up. I've GOT to start getting up to get my workout done early in the day - always makes me feel better.

Glad you all had a nice time at the park. We're going to be going down there this weekend for sure, now that we're finally in town for a weekend! It's soooo beautiful down there!

Ya'll have a nice ride this afternoon!

Jason The Running Man said...

When I can get up on time I love the early morning run. I always feel much better throughout the day. Great link I need one of those lights. Thanks.

Scott said...

I do feel bette once I get up and run...just getting up is the difficult part. Funny how that works out that way...hmmmm. Anyways...had a great time at the park... AND THE PIZZA...mmm mmm good.

Look forward to seeing you in about...oh - 2 hours.

Love you.

Mendy said...

Was it my favorite Pizza? Mellow Mushroom...?

Journey to a Centum said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I have not run since my 100K last Saturday so I really want to get a few miles in today. I had to pick someone from work up at the airport this morning so I didn't get a run in. Turns out he missed his flight and I could have gotten a run in before he got to town. Oh well, looks like an afternoon run in the sun.

That picture of the bridge just bursts of spring!

Take care on your bike ride and run happy!

runliarun said...

The most endearing part of seeing you fortunate and happy is how much you seem to know that you are fortunate and happy. That is rarer than one would think.

Nikki said...

oh my..that is early!

LMAO at overpronator...that is soo what I would do..and then the kids would be up ;) So I couldn't make it.

Good job on getting it in..and the bike ride :)

Phil said...

That's a beautiful picture. Spring is so pretty in your part of the country. Great job getting out with your husband. He's a lucky guy.