Friday, May 4, 2007

Change of Plans

What a mess this week. No camping this weekend. No 20 mile run at noon today. Plans have changed….. again. I can not tell you how hard it has been to get this 20 miler in with enough time to work, pick my youngest up from school, get ready for this camping trip to have it canceled last night. Things like this happen though so I make adjustments to my training once again.

Now that we are home for the weekend I will run the 20 miler on the trails with a girlfriend in the morning at a local State Park. This actually is a much better plan and I am already pumped about it. Since we have a 50k trail race event on June 3rd I am more than glad to do as many trail runs as possible. In fact I would prefer trail running over road running any day. After work today I will get a quick, easy 3 to 4 miles in and then relax for the evening. Some pasta, movie with my husband…. Now this is sounded like a pretty good weekend already!

One last note, I had my massage yesterday and it was fantastic. No undiscovered problems hiding in my legs. I have been spending extra time stretching at least two times a day to prevent injury. Who knew that with the combination of a good ice bath and key stretching that I would feel so good? Took me a while to see the importance but I got it!!



Scott said...

Hmmmm....alot of time at the massage parlor....seems "suspicious".

I can not wait for is going to be SO RELAXING.

Love you and cannot wait to see you when I get home.

David said...

Sounds like a more relaxing weekend with less commitment to all the activity. Although I personally would have bumped a 20 mile run in favor of camping, but I'm sure you could guess that.

StumbleGuy said...

Thanks for your comment over at my place! I've not got my head round the benefits an ice bath might bring - perhaps when I'm racking up more miles per week!

Sorry to read your plans have got unpicked, but enjoy that 20 miler.


Jason The Running Man said...

I love running on trails! I need to do more trailrunning in the future! Have a blast!

Overpronator said...

I know that ice baths are highly recommended and everything, but I could never get more than a toe in before it changes into something more like a Japanese hot tub.

Mendy said...

Ahhh.. I know you were looking forward to camping this weekend. sorry 'bout that!

Maybe we can all get together sometime this weekend for a cold beverage, call me if you want. David can even model the blue spedos for Scott... hehe

If I don't talk to you today (can't see you on IM), have a wonderful trail run tomorrow, and look forward to hearing how well it went (as it always does).

Addy said...

Sorry your plans got changed, but it sounds like the 20 miler will be even better now that it can be on the weekend and on trails :)

Mmm...a massage sounds heavenly! Perhaps I need to invest in one of those soon :)

Marcy said...

Bummer on the camping trip.

It's hard enough finding time to do anything with just having kids, but having to juggle work and everything else makes it almost impossible. But it does seem like you got a pretty sweet deal in the end :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Enjoy your time stomping through 20 miles of trails this weekend.

Glad to hear there is another brave soul that appreciates the benefit vs pain of the ice bath.

Run Happy!

Phil said...

Getting in a 20 miler mid-week is really tough. But waiting to run with a friend is worth the delay.

Best of luck this weekend.