Friday, May 11, 2007

Miles - Hours - Rest

Sometimes a "not so good run" will run into the next days run and you feel even more frustrated than ever. Trail runs are my most favorite but even today as I left work early to meet a friend at Paris Mountain State Park I just knew that something was still not right. I have no other way to explain it other to say that I am just tired. Maybe I have maintained the higher miles for too many weeks in a row? At any rate it has me thinking.

As we set out for our 5 hour trail we decide to head for the hills and within 15 minutes we are pushing towards the 2100 foot climb to the top. It is hot but that did not play to much of a negative factor. After about 90 minutes we turn towards a loop that circles a lake. A family of ducks swim and play in the water and even I consider joining them. How refreshing would that feel?! Once reaching the top we begin the decent and pass our first hiker. He makes quick, small talk and then we are alone again. This will be the only person we come across and we pretty much have the trails to ourselves.

Once we begin to make the lower loop we both agree that we just need to pack it up. Head for home. We did manage to complete 3 hours. Am I happy about this? Can I live with this?.... yes. My ride home allows me to reflect and focus on my main goal. With a 50k in just a few weeks and a 50 mile in November I will have many weeks to tackle some serious miles. Train smart.... listen to your body.... be happy.

Next week will be a new week and I will gladly jump right back into what I love..... good or bad.



David said...

That's a pretty awesome spirit of resolve, Robin. Bad runs will not own you.

Randy said...

What you got done was still impressive. Rooting for you all the can do it.

Marcy said...

I totally agree with Randy, still very impressive! It will all turn around before you know it! You still kick ass!!

stephruns said...

3 hours and still it sounds like you just did it "like that"...awesome.

Phil said...

Diet? Are you getting your carbs? You're a very strong running, I'm just wondering if you haven't been fueling up. I know I got kicked in the butt today because I wasn't paying attention to what I was eating.

BTW ... thanks for your last comment on my blog. I thought about it this morning when my legs started to fail me at 16 miles.

Mendy said...

You ROCK, Robin, regardless of this particular run. You will OWN the next one!