Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am positive about the outcome of my long run today. Keep in mind that two weeks ago when I began experiencing this knee pain that I now know is a result of my quad my long run was 10 1/2 miles. Last week was right at 12 miles. So this week I was scheduled to run 18 and reached a total of 16 miles. Part one, with my ultra girl group, I managed to get in 12 miles before stopping. I can tell that I am healing and the pain is not near a severe as it has been. Be smart right!! I know my body and I know what needs to be done. After returning home I stretched again, rolled my legs with my new Tiger Tail (forgot to have this with me at the run) and then headed to our new gym to complete my goal. Another 2 miles on the treadmill and 2 more miles on the elliptical would place me with 14 running miles and 2 motion miles. I will take 16!!

In the morning I plan on tackling my 10 miles at the gym. Yes the treadmill and I are becoming closer as the heat continue to rise. With the right music and frame of mind you can zone and get anything done.

So for me I will count today as an awesome day. Moving forward my friends!



scott keeps running said...

Yes, successful. Glad the knee pain is not knocking you out for the count. Not familiar with this tiger roller thingy so I'm about to go do some research. Sounds like it's a cool device.

Good luck with the 10 tomorrow!

J~mom said...

Great news!!!!!!! I am glad it is getting better!! YAY!

Bob Gentile said...

Congrats Robin, keep on Rolling Rolling Rolling those suckers out, it took me a good 3-4 weeks to completely get rid of them...

The good news is ur quads are strong but as they were getting stronger throughout the year or so...u developed those knots, so once u get rid of them and stay consistent with the roller, you should be good.

Marcy said...

"With the right music and frame of mind you can zone and get anything done."

Ok what kind of music are you listening too lately? LOL

I'm glad you;re feeling better chica ;D

Mendy said...

That's great Robin! Glad the knee pain is going away for you!