Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heavy Happy Legs

Great week so far!!
I rode with the Greenville Spinners group on Tuesday again.  I decided to move up to the next pack and was excited and scared about being dropped or hanging in for the entire ride.  Temps were perfect with very little wind.

Ride: 29 miles / 17.4 mph average pace

Two weeks ago this same distance was 2 mph slower and kicked my butt.  Last night it was great!!  Still working on the drinking while riding but with time that should get better as well.  A few seasoned riders could not believe that I had only rode with the group for 3 weeks.  This made me feel incredible so I am determined to keep working hard at improving.

Today I hit the road for a run.  Legs were heavy from last nights ride but I did not want that to stop me.  I have a ton of work to do in order to get the mileage up so I laced up and enjoyed the sun.  Goal was not to stop and enjoy having the ability just to run.

Run:  3.48 miles / 9:12 pace

No pain in the knee.  Maybe this witchcraft stuff really works..... :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Stretching...witchcraft...whatever. All that really matters is being able to run, right! Great job. No pain is a great thing, huh?

Wes said...

Hee hee, are you SURE you don't want to tri? LOL!!! I know, I'm incorrigible!

Journey to a Centum said...

Hopefully you will stay away from wonky and get back to wonderful soon! Sounds like you are on the mend.

Bob Gentile said...

Congrats on those Heavy Legs...Sounds like ur getting ur groove back!!

Anonymous said...

coming back is hard, but so much joy!

SLB said...

Look at you go and get a bikey! You'll be do du's next! Glad to hear your pain free, that's what counts.

Don't forget you can practices the drinking thing on your trainer.

Anonymous said...

That's some ride...and run!!

Great job! Glad the knee is pain-free :)

KK said...

Great workouts! It is so helpful to have positive encouragement from others.

Hope your knee stays healthy.

And thanks for stopping my blog. I'll be stopping by yours now, too!

J~Mom said...

I hear IMAZ is a great destination spot. I almost have David talked into it. I am just saying.... :>D

I still have trouble with the drinking on the bike! It's hard!

Marcy said...

I told you Robin!! IMAZ . . .I will be your very own personal cowbell ringer and cheerleader! I will bring the pom poms too :P

Chris said...

The "witchcraft" works Robin. I had pretty much been a sceptical until I pulled my hip flexor after the New Years Half in January. I went to Greg Spindler, who is an structural exercise therapist who uses a completely holistic approach to recovery and pain management. It was prety much amazing and the money I invested in his therapy has been some of the best money that I have spent to date in my training.

Congrats on the great ride with the Spinners. You are really kciking ass! :-) (a biking natural it seems)

See Zanne Run said...

having stpped up my biking considerably, i too find myself with heavy legs on the run - but unlike you, i just decided not to run as much! hehe. sounds like you are really getting your mojo back - awesome!