Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monday Running

We had our dogs hair cut today.  Not just a normal cut but more like shaved.  Her legs normally have an inch to two inches of hair but not today.  We keep telling her how pretty she is but in truth her legs looks like those of a giraffe.

So Monday is the BIG day.  How amazing it is that I am so excited about running my 3 miles tomorrow.  It will only be treadmill runs for the first week and then I can branch out to road and trails runs from there.

The Ride with Ronald was rained out.  Bummed but mother nature had other plans for the day. Scott and I did make it to the Sports Club for some circuit training and then home for 30 minutes on the trainer.   

On a food note:  Bought a ton of fruit and ingredients for some smoothies this week.   Really have been trying to eat as many fresh veggies and fruits in my diet.  Why is it that the healthier we try to eat the more it cost? My bill was close to $30 higher just for one weeks worth of fruits.  Yikes!!


Wes said...

I just shaved one of my Lhasas tonight. Man, those dogs have a lot of hair. She was such an angel. She mostly sat still, and only tried to nip at me three times. She is SO much happier with no hair.

Have a great run on the mill tomorrow! It's all good. You are on you way back to the ultras! Woo hoo!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome! Good luck with the run tomorrow. I'm wishing you a pain-free 3 miles.

sunshine said...

Good luck on your 3 miles today! One small step back to ultras! :)

For post-workout smoothies, I use frozen fruit. My trainer said it's just as healthy, plus it's cheaper and I don't run the risk of accidently letting it go bad. I save the fresh fruit for my daily breakfast/lunch/snack.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Pssst, you did 8 miles with me on Friday. I haven't posted it yet, but I took pics so you could see what we saw! :D ((HUGS))

Hope the 3 miler is everything you want it to be!!


SLB said...

Hey are we still looks like I am handing you the baton! I didn't know Nancy was running miles for your! That's cheating!

Seriously I am crossing my fingers for you and hoping it goes well on Monday. Sorry to hear about your bike ride washing out ;-(

Good food is expensive! Obesity is an econmic disease (ok soap box away now).

Chris said...

You are so right on eating healthy.

When Lisa and I really put the full court press on eating healthy our grocery bill went up about $45 a week. i will say that the switch to more fruits veggies and organic meats if nothing else makes us feel lie we are doing the "right thing" for our girls.

why is crappy food so cheap?

Dana said...

Your dog looks too cute! I hope your mill 3miler goes ok today. I've got at least a couple of weeks of x-training before I can get back on the road. And it's a crime how much it costs to eat healthy!

Mendy said...

I bet Layla looks adorable.

Yeah! for running this week. Hope all went well, as I'm sure it did.

Bummer on the ride. I know you were looking forward to it.

RunBubbaRun said...

I hope you had a good run..

Yeah, I wish all that healthy would cost less, I think I woudld eat more of it...