Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Monday in a Snap Shot:

6:11am – Monday already…. Yes… RUNNING TODAY!

10:35am – Going to be the longest day of my life…. Need to get off so I can go do my run.

1:40pm – Oldest son calls to say he is eating at one of my favorite places. Sends me a picture of an ice cream cone to my cell. Note: cancel his cell phone service.

3:18pm – That is it…. I have to leave 10 minutes early. Cannot wait any longer.

5:12pm – After playing taxi for my youngest and one of his friends I finally end up at the Sports Club. Time for my RUN.

Mile One: After a 4 minute walk to warm up I set the pace at a very comfortable 9:22. Feels good to be moving.

Mile Two: Each step is plugged into the rhythm of my tunes playing from my ipod. Feels as if I can somewhere else.

Mile Three: My thoughts jump around and I know that my run is coming to an end. No pain. Feels great. Want to go further. Sticking with the plan and stop at 3 miles.

I cool down, stretch and then take yoga. I am thrilled. I think about my next run on Wednesday. I think about hitting the trails very soon.

Once arriving home I shower, eat, and then ice the knee. No problems until I get into bed. It hurts. It worries me. I am frustrated. I am sad. I pass out.

Today there is no pain. Even before I left the house I raced up and down the stairs to test it out. I will cycle with a group after work. Likely it will be the same 29 mile, hilly ride. Hoping, praying for no pain.



Wes said...

That sounds promising! Way to stick with the plan!!

Marcy said...

Sounds good? Hopefully that knee will stop giving you grief soon!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YEAH for 3 whole miles SANS pain. Hope it continues for you!

I posted the 8 miler from Friday where I brought you along. Live vicariously through me (if not slower!) :D

Pulling for ya!

J~Mom said...

Well it sounds better up until the end. Hang in there!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for you. I sure is great to be running again, huh? Now maybe we can both stop calling ourselves recovering runners and start calling ourselves just runners again. That sounds really good to me.

Mendy said...

Hope you don't feel anymore pain. So very glad you got to run!!! :-)

Have fun tonight doing donaldson center! Should be fun!

SLB said...

Great news, I can feel your palpable excitement kudos for sticking to the plan.

Fingers crossed for the next one.

David said...

Crazy medical professionals and their advice that works!

(glad to see you back in the running shoes!)

RunnerGirl said...

Yea for running!

RunBubbaRun said...

Glad you are running again. So go out and hit the trails, I know you miss it..

Have fun on your bike ride..

See Zanne Run said...

sounds good! my knee still hurts a little every now & then ... my PT told me a great icing trick: fill up a styrofoam cup with water & freeze - when you come back from run, grab the cup & ice knee till its numb - takes just a couple of minutes but it seems to do the trick for me!

having fun on the bike?

Marathoner in Training said...

Glad to see you are running again, in no time you will be working on the ultras. Just take your time on the miles, you will be there in no time. I agree to cancel his cell phone.

Dana said...

So glad you stuck w/ the plan & didn't push it(even though I know you wanted to). Hopefully this will be the start of more pain-free running(I hope to be myself after my running hiatus).