Saturday, August 2, 2008

Demons on the RUN

After having a restless nights sleep I packed up my gear and headed to our local state park following work to run my 18 mile long run for the week.  Part of my motivating factor was to free my Saturday morning and allow me to do some things with my family.

I arrived at the park at 3:15pm and within 20 minutes I was changed and geared up to go.  My plan was to do two 9 miles loops starting at the bottom lake and working my way to the top of the mountain and back down.  There is a part in this trail that the mountain seems to have a section that no air travels through.  The air is always thicker in this section and for this the temps seem a bit higher.  It was here that the demons jumped on my back and started their work.  As hard as I tried to shack them I just could not.  By the time I made it to the top I was exhausted and very hot! The lack of sleep was a big factor and one I could not ignore.

As I made my way back down I was just gassed.  No other way to say it.  I was just tired and needed sleep.  Once back at the car I made the decision to go home, take a short nap, and then finish the run on the road near my house.

At 7:30pm I stepped outside to finish what I had started.  I had napped and felt a little better.... until 3 or so miles into it.  Stomach cramps.  It was awful and the demons jumped right back on beginning their work again.   At one point I stood in a sprinkler in someones yard just to cool off.  To be honest I wanted to cry... and that pissed me off.  This run had to end. 
By the time I arrived home, showered, and went for supper it was 9pm.  I could not believe this and I was feeling low.

After returning home from dinner Scott and I rode the route to determine the mileage.

Trails:  9 miles 11:40 pace (1hr, 45 minutes)  This included some walking
Road:  7 miles 8:43 pace (1hr, 1 minutes) This included the sprinkler break

So I had set out for 18 and in the end had 16 but this morning I enjoyed sleeping in until 8am and having my morning coffee at home.  



Judi said...

All the blogs I am reading that have hot weather, everyone is bitching about the heat. IT just sucks the fitness right out of us. Keep your chin up and enjoy your freed Saturday.

KK said...

You put in a valiant effort; sometimes it's just not your day. This happened to me running in midday heat last weekend and I ended up cutting it short so I could survive. But you still got a really good run in (and the mileage) so it is still worth something (and the effort!). Congrats for sticking it out as long as you did :).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture :)

You still got in 16 miles...that's a lot of miles!!

The heat sucks.

Chris said...

Wow Robin! Sounds like you had a tough day. But, with the heat that we have been having around here it was probably smrt to play it safe. Man, the heat can just flat take it out of you. I know that it does me. I'm trying to get all my training done in the morning before 10am if at ALL possible.

On another note, we got moved today and it was a only 98 degrees here in Greenville. Talk about gassed............ sheesh, it was terrible, just terrible. God bless my friends that helped. I may not have them as friends after today......... :-)

Take care. 16 miles still rocks sista! Hardcore, hardcore

Kevin said...

Unfortunately we all have those days a some point. You did a pretty good job of making a 2nd effort at finishing up and you still got 16 miles in. Not too shabby

Runner Mom said...

I am so proud of you! I KNOW exactly how you felt!!! It will get better. Enjoy your Sunday!!
Love ya,

Phil said...

16 flipping miles ... lots of folks would say that's an excellent day indeed.

We all have those days where the training and weather don't mesh. You're still one of the strongest runners I know.


See Zanne Run said...

I remember those runs where you just want to cry ... they suck. The heat is brutal & sucks everything out. but still - 16 miles girl ... not bad.

Marcy said...

Pfffftt this seems to me the theme of the week for me as well, but dang you got a "little" something in now didn't you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Way to get back out there and finish strong. Lack of sleep combined with the heat is both mentally and physically draining. Hang in there, we just have 1 more month of extreme heat left!

Wes said...

A tough day! Definitely a character builder!!!

sunshine said...

Yikes! Those sucky run days really zap a lot out of 'ya. Way to keep with it and hope you rest and recover. :)

Anonymous said...

You were just supposed to rest and your body took what it wanted! The next run will be a good one again!

teacherwoman said...

Given the circumstances, I am happy to see you were able to fork over the miles you did. After deciding to head home and rest after the first 9 miles, I probably would have really struggled with getting back out there and doing more... good job.

*aron* said...

awesome job on going out again, i think i would have just stayed asleep... and great job for getting 16 miles in on such a hard day! those days are no fun but they make the good days that much better!