Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Secret Weapon

I have taken on the Worth the Weight Challenge that Stuart is holding. Mainly because I love to be part of stuff like this, junk talk is always fun, and his prizes totally ROCK. How he got so many great sponsors on board beats me.

So to start off the fun I will say to Marcy….. watch out :) …. I have a secret weapon. Not only do I have one coach (Scott) but another one came on board last night (Greg aka, my son) and has agreed to do my weight training with me. This girl is going to be a toned money making machine that will hopefully be sporting the Nike Tailwind Speed and Distance Monitor come September.

Let the games begin…….



Marcy said...

Dang you're already 2 up on me. I have ZERO support ROFLMAO! Mr McG eats like no ones business and we all know how he is with the running. YIKES!

I've got the kids though, and fortunately they hate me enough to always run away from me. So that counts as an extra workout, right? :P

Kevin said...

Im in on this one too. I am hoping this will be my month. I am back on track since I have less then 2 months till the S/C 1/2 IM

J~Mom said...

I signed up late but I am waiting to see if I can still get in the challenge. If so then you and Marcy both better watch out. :>O

Email me through my blog if you can't get in. Trying to make sure all of my regular readers can still get in. :>D

teacherwoman said...

Good luck Robin! :)

Runner Mom said...

Woohoo! You go, toned Mama!!! I know you can do it! So, fill me in on the challenge!!

How did the bike ride go?

Love ya,

SLB said...

And so the trash talk begins...I love it!