Thursday, September 4, 2008

Training Advice

I got a nice surprise yesterday. My cell phone rang, I noticed it was an out of state call, and to my surprise it was the one and only Bob (Blog My Runs) on the other line. If you are not aware he just ran in the GTR 100 Mile Ultramarathon this past weekend. The race report is 100% worth reading and what excited me more than anything was that he nailed the nutrition. Not an easy thing in Ultra's.

His call was all about sharing advice, knowledge, his experience and I took all of the information in like a sponge. No book can help you understand what goes into these events like talking with someone first hand. And did I mention what a motivational boost it gave me? I was pumped and even more excited for MMTR after I got off of the phone. THANKS BOB!!!!

Training for the week is right on track. Doing a 12 miler mid week is never easy just due to the time it takes but i did it. Do or die I will hit my 49 miles for the week.

Monday - 5 miles (8:40 pace) / full weights
Tuesday - 12 miles (8:50 pace)
Wednesday - 1 hour cycle
Thursday - 7 miles / full weights

In other news..... our fish died. How in the world a beta fish can live as long as ours did amazes me (3 years). So many times we were convinced that it had died but no...just at the last minute before we would pour it in the toilet it would somehow come alive again. Not this last time.
Don't I look sad? (Take One)
Goodbye Big Red (Take Two)
Go ahead... think bad of me but I loved this fish..... really... LOL!!!


Jarrett said...

49 miles in one week is really amazing.

Marcy said...

Just wait til Lisa starts calling you. Umm hi, stalker. LOL JK! (ohhh Lisa you know I love you)

Very cool that you got to chat with the one and only Mr Bob!

ROFLMAO at those pics! HAHAHHAAA

See Zanne Run said...

omg. you would put him in the toilet & he'd perk back up? like a little fishy defribulator! thats funny.

49 miles. man, the days when i was putting in 35+ mile weeks (think 43was my highest ever) seem eons ago! you are going to rock MMTR!

BeachRunner said...

That is a real nice week of training. Great job. Sorry about the fish.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice workouts!! And sorry about your fish (but you don't seem to mind in that first photo...)

And regarding your comment on my blog: Yes, I'm totally serious about running as the Grim Reaper. I have the costume upstairs. It's complete with the sickle. I can't wait...

Bob Gentile said...

awww glad the call helped a bit, was great to catch up with you & your trainings... power walk those hills this weekend, focus on that form :-) and try a few gels--yummy!!

haha on the fish pics ...bye Big Red:-(

Nice training week, keep that focus Robin your doing awesome!

Wes said...

Bob's a good guy. We had a beta fish that we put into a big fish tank. He used to swim up to the surface by the filter and then jet across the tank with his fins just flaming red. It was awesome to behold :-)

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to get a little pick me up during training. I'll have to read his post.

Sorry about your fish, but great pictures.

Nice job getting in the 12. How do you find the time!

J~Mom said...

We had a goldfish named...Goldie (LOL)...that lived forevah. It was so sad when it died.

I have to go and call Marcy now. ;>)

*aron* said...

great job on the training this week!!!

sorry about your fish :(

Runner Mom said...

Should I send you a sympathy card??? Bless your heart!!
Love ya!

teacherwoman said...

poor fishy.

Judi said...

MMTR?? Youi are going to rock it girl.....sorry about the fihie!!!

RunBubbaRun said...

Those long runs are always hard during the week..

Sorry about the fishy, hope you gave it proper burial.

Kevin said...

That is one solid week of training. Sorry to hear about the fish

Journey to a Centum said...

That was a good beta version! It lasted a long time. If you just hadn't put the fish bowl on the burner on the stove.

Did Bob remind you to remember your shoes? Oh and that constant forward motion thing.

I just mashed some red potatoes up with some garlic salt, butter, and sea salt. I put them in those zip lock "snack bag" that are half the size of a sandwich bag. I think these will be good eats for my trail run tomorrow. I got this idea from Leslie up at the Canadian Death Race. She shared some of hers with me and it was very very good! You can only eat so much goo and sweet stuff. Real food is a requirement for continued motion.

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, your beta lasted MUCH longer than any beta we ever had. Very cool that Bob was able to give you some advice. Your comment about not going back to running on roads after running on trails is one I've heard before!

SLB said...

I am obviously missing something here Beta that a breed!

Dame 8 weeks to go girly you gonna rock it out!

And kudos to Scott for kicking your butt in WtW...J/K ;-)

Chris said...

I agree that there is no better way to get "the real scoop" on some things than talking to someone who has been there and done it and it's awesome that Bob was willing to share his experience. I totally love that!! I have had a similar experience with a fellow Clyde who is a MONSTER when it comes to racing long distance and Ultra's. He has been super gracious in answering my questions and sharing his success and failures.

Love the pics........... classic :-)

When are we gonna get back to Thursday night rides??

Anonymous said...

There are so many things that count when running an ultra (I had MY lesson). And Bob is just great...let us know if he told you some deep hints:-)

Congrats on your 49! Somehow I find the jump from 40 to 50 hard.