Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharing the Road

Afternoon storms have really rocked our area these past two weeks which does not mix well with cycling. I will spare you the frustrating details of packing and planning.... well maybe not.

This week I did manage to get 30 miles in on Wednesday with Scott and a friend. Several sections of the ride became a little tricky as we dogged downed power lines and trees. Not fun when you are dropping down hills with turns. Still the ride was great.

On Thursday I had plans to meet a teammate for another 30 miles and just as I rolled into the park so did the thunder. So the ride was ditched and I headed home. The closer I got to the house I realized it was clear skies ahead. I called my son and he quickly changed clothes and was ready to roll as I pulled into the neighborhood. Let me point out that this would be his first ride on Scott’s road bike. Clips and all. After some short instructions we headed out. Although he was a bit nervous on the road with cars and such we made a turn rather quickly onto a side country road and opened it up. Things were going well until the thunder sounded and we knew we needed to head back. Long story short… he LOVED it. Can bet that he will be joining me on future rides very soon.

This weekend they are calling for clear skies so that means LOTS OF MILES. Bring it! Saturday we have a team ride with a local bike shop and will ride 70 miles. Sunday I have a few options of 30 mile rides and will have to see what works best being that it is Father’s Day.

Sugar update: I have successfully managed to carve out just about all of the evil sugars for 6 days. Have had no beer. No wine. Just a nice clean diet and tons of water each day. Amazing that following day 4 things started to get easier and I am feeling great.

Have a fantastic weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all of the guys out there.



Mel-2nd Chances said...

so when is he purchasing his first road bike!? Glad you still got a ride in between all that weather! Have a great weekend.

Stuart said...

And so another roadie was born. Kudos on the sugar front, how's that Stevia I sent you working out, need some more?

Wes said...

Have a great weekend! I believe in my heart there is NO SUGAR IN BEER


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your son is a natural. Now we will trade the rain in for the heat. Have a great weekend.

Marlene said...

Awesome that your son joined you and loved it!

Great to hear the weather is going to be better this weekend. Enjoy it!

Loves Life in Colorado said... beer for four days? I wish that I had that willpower. It's great that your son will ride with you, I wish my daughter would take some interest in riding or running.

Runner Mom said...

I am so proud of him!!! Way to go, Greg!! He is much braver than I am!! Tell Scott "Happy Father's Day" for us! Call me!!

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful that you can inspire your son so much to be active. What a great fam you are.

Have a good weekend - with no rain (which I doubt)!!

Grey Beard said...

Making your own riding partner - Advantage: Women! :D

Of all those you inspire, I'm sure the most rewarding of all is inspiring your own son. Congratulations to the both of you!

jen said...

"Making your own riding partner - Advantage: Women!" Ha ha! Awesome.

Enjoy a storm-free week!!

teacherwoman said...

Great pic. Nice work on cutting out all the sugars. I need to do some detoxing. The past week has been horendous!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, another cyclist in the family! Agree that thunderstorms spoil the fun. Hope you got in some great riding this weekend!!

Chris said...

Isn't it amazing the impact (negatively)that sugar has on your system! I was amazed at the way that I felt when I started cutting it out of my diet the. Much more stable energy, no spikes in blood sugar while training or during the day and a TON more energy..(not to mention I started dropping unwanted pounds amazingly fast without muscle or power loss)