Monday, December 7, 2009

Give me Another

Austin Group rocks the Greenville Parade!

This past weekend ROCKED!

In a nutshell I was surrounded by all of the gang that I rode with to Austin , TX and we just had too much fun. Pizza party, Greenville Parade, and the first in a series of Winter League rides. Top it off with an amazing evening with my two boys last night and it was just perfect!

Our area is really growing as a cycling community. This is my first winter riding through the season for me and so far I love it. Temps were a brisk 36 degrees when we started our group ride on Sunday. More than 30 riders showed up for the 60 mile route. To my surprise I dressed perfectly. Hands and feet felt great the entire ride. With the cold temps I will admit that I was a bit concerned that the group would drop me. Not the case. We worked in single and double pace lines the entire ride and finished with an average pace of 17.2mph. I will take that!

Tonight I am returning for another Monday night PUB run down town. Sure my legs will talk to me after that ride yesterday but my 15 year old agreed to join in on the fun so I will likely run like I stole something….lol!



teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great time!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome, sounds so fun, you've turned into a cycling machine! I love it!

Marlene said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Have fun with the pub run!

NY Wolve said...

That sounds like fun!

Grey Beard said...

I love winter pace lines. You can really feel the difference in frontal wind as you warm immediately when tucked in behind the other riders.

Mom's gonna get a challenge? :D You go mom!

Tony said...

Hope the pub run goes well.