Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Good Kind Of Busy

Often December is a slower month for me at work. Not the case this year…but I am not complaining one bit. I have a job and a good one at that.

On Monday my 16 year old joined me for our Monday Night PUB run. We met at 6pm and moments later we are all off to run our 3 mile route through the beautifully lit streets of down town. And like any other run my son and I had the best time. The conversations are priceless. Mainly I just listen to him and the miles pass by before no time at all.

Tonight is our local night ride from a bike shop not far from our house. Temps are set to start at 41 degrees and end at 35 degrees before the ride is over. The dinner together following makes freezing your butt off worth it.

Yesterday Scott said he never knows what our plans are and that I wait until the last minute to inform him. This is true. I put them in my calendar and I just somehow thinks he knows. So I sent him a short list:

Thursday – 12-10 / RideOn Night ride at 6pm

Friday – 12-11 / Dinner and Cookies with the Delaney’s (our house)

Saturday – 12-12 / Mel’s Parade at 12noon

Sunday – 12-13 / Winter League Ride at 10am from Heritage Park

Sunday – 12-13 / Coffee with Eric and Jackie at Starbucks early evening

Monday – 12-14 / Monday Night Pub Run 6pm

Thursday – 12-17 / RideOn Night Ride at 6pm

Saturday – 12-19 / Family Christmas Party at Michelle’s (not sure of time)

Sunday – 12-20 / Winter League Ride at 10am from heritage Park

I will not tell you his response other than to say I think he wants to go back to knowing things at the last minute…lol



Anonymous said...

I really think your relationship with your sons is awesome! You are one busy lady. If I was Scott, I wouldn't want to know the schedule!

Marlene said...

That's too funny - my hubs always says the same thing.

But then when I tell him things in advance, he forgets anyway. So... I usually just tell him at the last minute. ;)

Enjoy the ride & dinner!

Stuart said...

LMAO...too funny!

Still that is a good kind of busy!

Your gym deal beats mine...unless my wife comes with me but then we need the kids club and...ok you win ;-)

teacherwoman said...

LOL about sending the hubby THE schedule! I can only imagine what he said!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Jay always forgets if I tell him in advance anyway, so I just go with last minute too. Funny though :) Enjoy!

The Happy Runner said...

Ha ha! My hubs is the same way!

That definitely looks like the good kind of busy.

Judi said...

it's a busy few weeks for us and i always have to remind dominic about getting off work....

Runner Mom said...

Y'all are a mess!! He should be thankful that you did this!! And...I DO hope that we are recipients of your famous p-nut brittle!! I love that Christmas present!!


**Stay warm

Shannon said...

Busy Busy Busy in a great way! Merry Christmas Sweet Girl.

Wes said...

LOL... I would have a heart attack if Dee Dee and I were that organized!

Lily on the Road said...

Holy yikes, I'm tired just reading the list! You are in a Good Kind of Busy!!!