Monday, February 1, 2010

FIRE in my Stomach

I am noticing in coaches workouts to us that each week we are repeating a pattern but the time within each cycle is becoming longer.

Cycle Update:

Clunking – who would have thought that I would actually get better at eliminating this sound. I can successfully hold about 30 seconds before the familiar sound returns.

Intervals – Upon completing my trainer session on Friday I was more than proud of myself for holding the prescribed 10 minute, 100 or more RPM. Little did I know that we would do 2 x 20 minute and 4 x 9 minute ones on the computrainer the following day at 85 RPM or higher. HOLY BATMAN MY LEGS!!! 2hour suffer fest (secretly loved it)

Running Update:

Since I have no time to waste now that I am signed up for a half marathon in 2 months I went out to enjoy the melting Ice on Sunday. With the insane cycle time I had no idea how my legs would respond. 4.46 miles - 8:45 pace. Legs surprisingly felt great!

Strength Training:

I love the change up in our routine! Crazy how your body responds to even the slightest changes. My son has put together a killer core workout that we do following the strength session. Yesterday I told him I felt like my ads were literally on FIRE! Really. He was laughing and I was crying for a fire extinguisher.

So this week I have a little Time Trail. Have I mentioned this? It will be on the computrainer and an all out BALLS TO THE WALL’s ride. This will be another first for me. Should be interesting.



Runner Mom said...

Love this!!You crack me up, girl! I also loved the Smack talk that I just read! Are you and Kenny doing the same race? I'm confused--imagine!

I'll holler at you later.

ShirleyPerly said...

Very exciting to see your transformation into one of those lean and mean cyclists. I think I see some duathlons in your future!

Dave said...

great times....I just reread your "smack talk"....frankly I am torn...would love for you to give your son a run for the money...but if you beat him....God help him with his buddies...;-)....then the other part of me is saying...oh please let the warrior Marine not get beat by his mom on a run...anxious to hear about the time trial....

Marlene said...

Your legs must be getting SO STRONG.... no wonder you can bust out a quick run like a piece of cake!

Have fun with the time trial!

teacherwoman said...

I need to find some "ABS ON FIRE" core work to do! :) You go girl!

Lily on the Road said...

I'm with Shirley, I see a couple of Du's happening!

Stuart said...

Balls to the wall...get it done!

Wes said...

You're burning a hole in that trainer :-) Keep up the good work. I need to do a cycling test too. Maybe this week, maybe not!

Grey Beard said...

ABS ON FIRE should be copyrighted! I'd buy it. I need it!

Nice to hear the cadence drills are coming along well. I think that's the obvious low-hanging fruit for you. Curious, what's your max rpm? Asking because I've heard the pros can do at least 200, and my PB is 141.

I wonder if the USMC has as good a trainer as you do. I'm rooting for you Robin. You go girl!

Kevin said...

Sounds like some serious cycle training. You should be smokin fast on the bike this year

Judi said...

so fun to read about the same intervals i am doing. those TT's are TOUGH as a MF so watch out! are you using a heart rate monitor?

we have the same race schedule all season so we'll be doing so much of the same stuff, this is fun!

you gotta post pix of all that lean muscle mass girl.