Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miles with Scott

Last week was a stellar week on the bike. In large part it had to do with the beautiful warm sun and the fact that Scott and I managed 4 rides together. Three of the rides were back to back to back. BEST part was that we did not argue one single time. :))

Saturday’s ride topped off the perfect week with climbing, and climbing, and more climbing. We gathered with a large group Saturday morning and all set out to do tackle different goals and routes. I suckered/talked Scott into doing repeats on this one stretch of road before heading up to the Bakery and back down. This day was meant for climbing.

Distance – 52 miles

Avg Speed – 14.2 mph

Elevation Gain – 4283 ft

Sunday I wrapped it up with a 5 mile run. I had intended to stay in my low end zone 3 but I did not do so well with this. Still I felt an even effort for the run and soaked up the beautiful weather we had.

Distance – 5 miles

Avg overall pace 9:28

Avg HR 144.

TRI training begins NEXT WEEK. I realized this just yesterday. I do have one small problem….. no pool. Yesterday I checked out a few hopeful options to only come to the conclusion that no Sports Clubs or YMCA’s offer swim passes. They want memberships. I wonder if I can turn laps in my bath tub?…lol. So on tap is a Sprint Tri in June and a Half Iron at the end of August. While I figure out the swim part I will dive into the bike /run combo’s beginning next week.



Coachhrd said...

That's some elevation alright - good luck with the start of tri training next week!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

haha, giggled at the bathtub thing!! Looking forward to following your tri training, you're gonna do great! :)

teacherwoman said...

Nice job with your rides!

I thought about practicing my flip turns in my bathtub because I just can't seem to get them down during swim practice. lol.

Good luck figuring out the swim sitiation!

Wes said...

Were you pulling Scott in his wheelchair? Or is he all better now? :-)

Marlene said...

Great job on the rides!

Exciting news that tri training starts up soon... hope you can figure something out for the swimming. Hubs started swimming recently and fortunately was able to get a membership for both local pools. I can see that it would get very expensive paying per visit!

Dave said...

no fights huh? great job...and tri's on the horizon...Good stuff and really glad to hear things are going really well. The swim thing...well, they time me with a sundial when I jump in the pool. ;-)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Unless you have one heck of a house, I'm betting the bathtub probably won't work. I'm sure you will find an answer to your pool needs. Enjoy your tri training! :-)

Grey Beard said...

Hill repeats, HR training zones, elevation stats, hummm, something's changed.... ;)

Somewhere around 100ft of climbing per mile a ride really turns into a climb-fest. Somewhere ~ 8-10% grade a super-steeps crawl-fest where stock gearing doesn't work for long climbs.

Having front wheel issues, so will likely miss a 66mi ride with 6,700ft climbing on Sunday. One of my fav routes too.

The comradarie of riding together is very special. After returning from long bike tours, and riding together all day, my Ex and I used to call each other every hour or so at work, missing each other so much. Awesome you and Scott have that!

Anonymous said...

You're really doing one race after the other..very nice.

Good luck with the swimming - maybe a lake or bay will do it being so hot!