Thursday, April 1, 2010


A.M. workouts – People…I am here to say they can be done and really are not all that bad. How did this happen? Once I finally dragged my sorry butt out of bed in the early A.M. hours it became easier. Who knew….

Post Half Marathon High – I have spoke to my son a few times this past week. Emailed him our paces per mile. So clear where the wind effected us most. He still is saying that he will never run another…. maybe it has something to do with the 3 bloody toes that soaked through his sock…ouch!

Some down-time – This week Scott and I have had the house to ourselves. Last night we actually went on a date downtown and was able to sit outside by the river and have a very nice dinner. It was absolutely perfect!! So nice to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Weekend Riding – Friday Scott and I will kick off the weekend with an early ride before tackling some Spring cleaning. Saturday we are joining up with a large group of cyclist to do hill repeats on a very well know Bakery Ride. High should be near 80 degrees all weekend!!

Suckered at Lunch – I work with all men. No female drama here. Normally I always bring and eat my lunch here at work. Yesterday I had two gentleman ask if I would join them for a lunch time treat. What I thought would be a nice restaurant lunch turned out to be a politician speaking while we ate wings – fried wings. The only green healthy food was celery. It was gross. They loved it and did not know why I was complaining. LOL!!!

Happy Eater to all!



Marlene said...

Your date night sounds fantastic! I could use a nice dinner on a patio... I'll pass on the fried wings. ;)

Wes said...

definitely suckered :-) but I lurves wings! Did you ask your Marine if you needed to come by and kiss his toes and make them better? :-D

Enjoy the weekend! Half IM simulation for me, then the kiddos are OUT OF TOWN all week next wee. I get to paint the house! Woo hoo!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

yeah for date nights! we need to get better about those...I mean we hang out a lot, but there is something different about planning a time out together.

agreed AM workouts rock!

teacherwoman said...

yes, definitely suckered. My tummy turned thinking of those wings.

Judi said...

have a good weekend! that patio dinner by the river sounds really nice.

Grey Beard said...

Morning? Is that the big gray sploch on my clock just to the left of Noon? I'm going to have to Google "morning". I think it's just one of those urban myths!

Uuugh, wings. Nutritionists around the world are spinning in their cookbooks.

"We" time is so important to a good relationship. Setting aside one night a week for each other, and then defending it against every intrusion, is relationship magic.

A kinder, gentler Corps these days? ;)

Runner Mom said...

Love the pic of the group! Sounds like you've had a great week. We do need to do a run...up for the trails anytime soon?


Stuart said...

OUCH! did you switch out his shoes for his kid brothers!