Monday, January 31, 2011

AEROBARS (drama)

Week 7 in the books…still at 100% completed workouts and still feeling great!

So many first this last week that I hardly know where to begin….

· Track Session – Friday called for a track workout. 60 minutes total. I thought to myself that running on the track for an hour was going to SUCK and take forever. Turns out that the time flew by! After a mile warm-up I began the work of marking off the 1600 meter, 800 meter, and 400 meter ladders until ….presto…done!

· Swim Session – the streak has ended with my son joining me for every swim only because he was out of town. I headed over to the YMCA pool bright and early Saturday morning for my longest swim to date. I had not slept well the night before so it took me a bit to get going. Once the sun came up and spread across the water it was just amazingly beautiful. Swimming solo is not all that bad but I love it more when I have his company.

· AEROBARS – this by far is what I am most excited about. I will spare you my meltdown drama but will be honest that it seems pretty funny now. Keep in mind that I have been on the trainer in my garage since November! After rolling out of the parking lot Scott and I made our way through the first 10 miles before I started playing around with the bars. He stayed clear of me (smart man) for more than one At first I just placed one arm in with the other on the handle and then I eventually placed both in. Amazing enough within the next 20 miles I went through long sections where I stayed in all together even as cars passed. I was thrilled! The ride was not about anything other than acclimating with the bars. I loved it!!! (bike fit coming within a few weeks)

Moving forward now to a new week. :)



Stuart said...

You're nailing it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I have track coming up in a couple of weeks

- being in the aero is a whole different beast, takes a little time to get use to it

Judi said...

you wont even need those aerobars in louisville. i didnt use mine at all - its too hilly. good job on the training girl.

Marlene said...

Awesome job on all the firsts!

I always find track work flies by much faster than I expect. Now I would really like this snow to clear so I can actually get out on the track!!

Kevin said...

Lots of great progress. Keep it up

Grey Beard said...

I am smiling ear-to-ear. Nice first outing! You're totally TRI now :D

RX: delaying the fitting for a month to give your physiology time to adapt to the new riding position. Shoulders, back, and core need some time to adjust, and that affects your fitting.

Swapping brake cables puts 10 gears and the front brake in your right hand, so you can keep your left planted in the aerobars at all times. Just a thought. I'd never go back.

(The front brake is on the left because when bikes had downtube shifters it was a long, long way to reach from the downtube shifters up to the right brake lever. They put the front brake in the left hand and kept the left hand planted in traffic. I'm suggesting the same strategy)

So when's the 1st TT scheduled? ;)

@Judi, I routinely climb 7-9% grades in my C3 Syntace aerobars. Provides a way to shift your body forward and keep your center of gravity aligned properly. Something to that double-helix bend.

Lisa said...

YAY for the aerobars!!! To me it felt like driving a spaceship or something!