Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Active Recovery - for suckers

Compression Socks are the NEW SEXY in our house

Active Recovery - Could someone tell me who came up with the term “Active Recovery” and why is it on my plan this week? Ha! Monday called for an Recovery-Day with an 1100 meter swim session. In my mind a “Recovery Day” should only involve resting in my pj’s on my couch while being served fablous foods and enjoying amazing movies. I live in a dream world! In reality my day involved working all day (LOVE my job) and then heading to the pool like a good girl. I will note that I was out cold by 9pm after having a chilled beer while watching The A-TEAM.

My husband the nut :)

Short Cuts – not in my training but in my prep for training. After shopping this week Scott and I seperated out smoothie mixes and then placed them in the freezer. Just grab a zip-lock bag, protein powder, and a bit of milk and presto! May not seem like much but every little bit of time saved adds up somedays.

Looking Ahead – I just took a quick glance at some of the training I have in the next three weeks and realized that I get a sweet recovery WEEK 02/20 – 02/26. Now it is one of those “Active Recovery” weeks thingies BUT I do get Saturday and Sunday OFF. From the looks of the week following it I will take it because it gets a little more interesting in numbers. Play-Time is almost over folks…. J.

On tap for the weekend….

Saturday – Long Run (they are getting longer and longer and I am loving it)

Sunday – Long Bike and short run

Cheers to all!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I am rocking the socks, even pulled out the comptression tights already, ohh, and, AND, ANNDDD..... last night, after a hard hill session on the dreadmill, I took my first 2011 ice bath because my legs felt like they were on fire!!! I am freaking loving all of this!!!

- Love the idea of prepackaing the fruit. Right now I pack my lunch for work while making dinner, pre lay out my breakfast and get my work out clothes and work clothes out before bed.

- Active recovery, I think its because we wont take a day off, we are wired to get going, so throw something at us that isnt hard and put it on paper, because we follow the paper

- I see a recovery too on my horizon

- long run and bike, same as you this weekend

- Gonna stop, making a mini weekly ramblings in your comments

Marlene said...

Good idea with the pre-packed smoothie bags in the freezer! I agree, every bit helps. I hate food prep during the week! Not to mention the mess...

You call this PLAY TIME? ahaha

Wes said...

Active recovery gets you moving without you realizing you are moving :-) or sumfin like that. Rock-in the pink compression socks are you? me likey!

Stuart said...

Compression where would we be without getting our squeeze on!