Friday, January 28, 2011

Sufferfest on all Levels

I am just on her wheel...but she stayed ahead the entire ride :)

I have said it many times ...... Scott and I have the most amazing group of friends! We train hard but we keep it real and most importantly fun. Thursday nights have turned into a Sufferfest of sorts. Last week was the 90 min. Local Hero’s dose and this week was the masterfully minded Downward Spiral. What was the highlight of last night was having Tedd’s daughter join us (coach us) through the torture…I mean fun. I for one loved it!

With all of this positive motivation around me how could one not love all of the madness.

On tap to close out my week 7 of training….

Friday – Track Session

Saturday – Swim/Run

Sunday – Ride/Run

Have a great weekend!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sunday is my long sufferfest, not sure if I want spinervals or goto the bike shop and do their ride.

How fun the youngin rode

and the youngin has the SWEET trainer

Stuart said...

Too cute!

No drafting though!

The best bucket of pain you can get for $10!

Marlene said...

Ha! I love that the little one was leading the show!

Have a great weekend - work it!

Wes said...

can't believe you got chicked. there's work to be done ;-)

Tricia said...


Kevin said...

I love to hate those sufferfest videos. Much better (and cheaper) then spinervals. She's too cute.

OtterPop said...

"Are you ready to FIGHT!???!"

That was a FUN Sufferfest. Can't wait for the next! :)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great workout!!