Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Earn It

· Monday called for a swim session. To date our 17 year old son has joined me for every single one. His youth gives him an great advantage in making me work for it. This Monday a friend of his joined us. My son chose one of the shorter sessions that we had when I first started this training. Watching him encourage his friend was a gift to me. Proof that good exercise habits are so important for our kids to see from their parents!

· I just booked my FIRST massage since training started. $35 for one hour. What a deal!

· I am itching like crazy to toe-the-line of an event….any event. All of the scheduled fun does not really start until March with some half marathons, cycle events, Half Iron, and then to finally finish it off with the Ironman. Being patient but I am ready to get some new RACE BLING.

· It is tax time. Praying for a nice refund (or just not to owe any money). I have vested interest this year since I would like some of it to pay my way to some of the out-of-town races. Scott normally has to beg me for help in getting receipts and stuff together. Not this year! Just added up over $1200 in cash donations alone to different organizations last year. Had no idea! Hope this helps us.

· Some new things in the workout mix this week is a track workout Friday afternoon. That will be a change. Crazy – but yes I am looking forward to it. Also, Saturday will be my first swim distance over 2000. A few sets have a dash of speed added for fun. Other than that just a lot of the same. LOVE the layout of the training so far. Fitting in my life just fine.

· Today I received the offer of free entry to the Boston Marathon 2012. Unless I earn it I will have to pass this one. For fun I looked up what I would need to qualify – 3:45. This may just be my next goal following the Ironman. We will see. :)

Keep moving forward everyone.



Big Daddy Diesel said...

- Its fun having a training partner, I dont get how all these youngins have stamina beyond belief, they go as hard in the final set as the first

- Totally jealous of a $35 hour massage, thats half hour prices down here

- I am all about the bling, makes me want to be a snow bird so I can race in the winter

- Still fascinates me hearing other programs, I have not had anything scheduled under 2k in the swim

- What would you do if you won a Kona slot through the lottery?

Marlene said...

Too cool getting free entry to Boston, but admirable that you won't accept unless you qualify. Excellent goal!!!

Good luck with the track work and big swim and enjoy that massage.

You always earn it!

Dave said...

You are right about what our kids see...Macy ask my wife to go work out with her at least once a week...she will be 8 tomorrow.

Wes said...

my half marathon is not until March 20... I'm thinking I need a 10K in there someplace :-) hang in there!

Lily on the Road said...

good for you to tough it out and how cool is that your son and friend are joining in too.

Good luck with BQ and taxes...those are both time consuming...

Peter H said...

great to get a freebie to Boston.....
It is next year too......time to think and plan for it.