Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can you say Sand-Bagger?

Thursday nights have became a gathering of friends that enjoy suffering… and SUFFERFEST. You know the workouts, torturous intervals and climbing all while riding along side of some of the world’s toughest cyclist in some of the most amazing places on earth. Last week we had one intervals after the next… over and over… until at last the 60 minutes were up. I was satisfied with my output for the most part. Sure I had more in the tank but it was a decent strong effort.

Well the dirty secret was told by my Garmin the following day. I sand-bagged…. and all the signs were clear. Low average heart rate…. Low average Cadence…. Oh the shame… J. I shared this with Scott and we had fun with it…. teasing and such.

So this brings me to last night’s trainer garage workout. Scott joined me (thank goodness) and we were off. My Garmin would have no dirty secrets after this ride…..

10 min. easy spin

20 min. Gearing mix

5 x 8 min Intervals (holy-mother-alive)

5 min single leg drills (are you kidding me…after all of that…my legs)


What I can tell you is that this girl dug deep on the last 2 interval sets. It was HARD and my legs were loving feeling the BURN. Take that! :)



Bo said...

Hmmm... We'll have no more sandbagging in the Sufferfest Cave. Consider yourself warned... :-p

Marlene said...

You sure made up for all of that "sand bagging". :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!!! At least your honest, I was talking to someone the other day and the subject was about when people brag about their training, does the Garmin download match how they said their workout went

Grey Beard said...
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Grey Beard said...

Did a back-to-back Fri night, Sat morning ride last year about this time. After a lot of sprinting on Friday night, the ride leader procrastinated for 45 minutes before we rode to the cafe where the ride was supposed to have ended. A little over an hour after the end of the ride I finally got some carbs in me.

Next morning I knew I was in trouble. My legs were stripped of muscle glycogen. On a long, 7% hill I was going flat out, all my legs would do, looked at my Garmin - 129 BPM. Lesson learned. Cardio is only one of many limits.

JD said...

You've been sand-bagging for years robin......

just teasing you!


Stuart said...

No respite from the 'fest!